Nelson Mandela’s Welcome To Glasgow jig

By Blair Douglas

Also known as Nelson Mandela’s Welcome To The City Of Glasgow.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Nelson Mandela's Welcome To Glasgow
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:d>dd d>ef|A>AA B>AA|A>Bd d>BA|A>Bd (e2 c)|
d>dd d>ef|A>AA B>AA|A>Bd e>dB|A>Bd (d2 e):|
|:e>aa f>ed|e>fe d>BA|A>Bd d>BA|A>Bd (e2 f)|
e>aa f>ed|e>fe d>BA|A>Bd e>dB|A>Bd (d2 e):|
|:f>ff (fa>d)|f>ff (fa>A)|A>Bd d>BA|A>Bd (e2 f)|
f>ff (fa>d)|f>ff (fa>A)|A>Bd e>dB|A>Bd (d2 e):|
|:f>dd a>Af|A>fA a>Af|A>Bd d>BA|A>Bd (e2 f)|
f>dd a>Af|A>fA a>Af|A>Bd e>dB|A>Bd (d2 e):|
|:f>dd d>dd|d>dd a>df|A>Bd d>BA|A>Bd (e2 f)|
f>dd d>dd|d>dd a>df|A>Bd e>dB|A>Bd (d2 e):|
|:f>dd d>ff|d>aa d>ff|A>Bd d>BA|A>Bd (e2 f)|
f>dd d>ff|d>aa d>ff|A>Bd e>dB|A>Bd (d2 e):|
X: 2
T: Nelson Mandela's Welcome To Glasgow
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:d3 def|A3 BAA|ABd dBA|ABd e2 c|
d3 def|A3 BAA|ABd edB|ABd d2 e:|
|:faa fed|e3 dBA|ABd dBA|ABd e2d|
faa fed|e3 dBA|ABd edB|ABd d2 e:|
|:f3 fad|f3 fad|ABd dBA|ABd e2d|
f3 fad|f3 fad|ABd edB|ABd d2 e:|
|:fdd add|f3 add|ABd dBA|ABd e2d|
fdd add|f3 add|ABd edB|ABd d2 e:|
|:f3 adf|dff adf|ABd dBA|ABd e2d|
f3 adf|dff adf|ABd edB|ABd d2 e:|
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Ten comments

6/8 march

This was a request by Lil Dog Turpy. It’s actually a jig not a march. There’s no facility here for marches as they aren’t common in the Irish tradition- at least not the tune variety. 🙂

The reason why there is no tune type for “march” is that the term “march” says nothing about the time signature.

So, while all slip jigs are 9/8 and all polkas are 2/4, what are all marches? Some of them are 6/8, some of them are 2/4, etc.

Blair Douglas

I know, Jeremy, but I just wanted to get my little joke. 🙂
Also, I should also have said that this tune was written by Blair Douglas who was a founder member of Runrig. His most famous composition is probably “Kate Martin’s Waltz”.


Re: Here’s a tune I posted earlier….. Please play today.

Cheers Johnny.
That’s a good idea.

I’ve played this on the Great Highland Bagpipes as a jig, just play it straight and fast and its rather nice!!

Re: Nelson Mandela’s Welcome To Glasgow

Does anyone know how to find out the words that the singers are singing?