Boil The Coffee Early polka

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One setting

X: 1
T: Boil The Coffee Early
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
A/ | FE/D/ FE/D/ | F>A A>A | FE/D/ FE/D/ | F>E E>A |
FE/D/ FE/D/ | F>A A>A | (3ABc dB/G/ | F>E D> ||
A/ | d>c d>A | F>G A>F | G>A B>c | d>A G>A |
d>c d>A | F>G A>F | G>A B>c | (3dAF D> ||
F/ | DE/F/ DE/F/ | E>A G>A | GA/B/ AB/c/ | d>A F>A |
d>c d>A | F>E D>E | (3AFE D>E | F>E D> ||

Four comments

Boil The Coffee Early

This is a little melody that i’ve been toying with for quite a while. I usually play the first (A) part, then repeat it (A) after each one of the other parts (ABACA, etc). It’s a simple tune that’s easy to improvise on, and the first part is the only thing that i always play the same way. I transcribed a couple of parts that usually go with it (B and C), but in reality i usually play it differently each time. I’ve seen this as a jig, then a slip jig, now it’s sounding like a polka to me. Oh well, now that i wrote it down, it will probably settle down the way i wrote it.

The title is inspired by the recent thread on funny names for trad music that happened recently in the "discussions" area. I imagine it could pass as a traditional work-related drinking song, especially popular among those of us who work with computers. 🙂

Play fast, swing the notes, have fun!

By the way, i do hope this is an original, but you know how memory plays tricks sometimes (let me know).

I’ve just tried this tune out on my whistle, and I like it!
I’ll have to play this one for my music theory teacher, who is rarely seen without his coffee mug. 🙂