Annie’s Favourite hornpipe

Also known as Annie’s Favorite, The Broadway, The Butchers Of Bristol, Byrne’s, Dinny O’Brien’s, The Flowers In May, The Gift, Greenwich Park, The Greenwich Park, Jim Dillon’s, The Mountain Groves, The Mullingar Races, Phil Durkan’s, Phil Durkan’s Favorite, Phil Durkan’s Favourite, Phil Durkin’s, Phil Durkin’s Favorite, Phil Durkin’s Favourite, The Rover Through The Bog, Shaskeen, Taylor’s.

There are 25 recordings of this tune.

This tune has been recorded together with Lament For Oliver Goldsmith (a few times), The Boys Of Ballisodare (a few times), The Flowing Tide (a few times) and Paddy On The Turnpike (a few times).

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Three settings

X: 1
T: Annie's Favourite
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
(3DEF|:G2 BG ABcA|defa gfdc|B2 dB cAFD|GBAF DE (3FED|
G2 BG ABcA|defa gfdB|BGBd cAFA|1AGGF G2 (3DEF:|2AGGF G2 (3def||
g2 ga gfdf|gdbg gfde|(3fff fg afge|fdec dcAF|
G2 BG ABcA|defa gfdc|BGBd cAFA|1AGGF G2 (3def:|2AGGF G2 (3DEF||
X: 2
T: Annie's Favourite
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
(3DEF |: G2BG ABcA | defd gedc | BABd cBAG | FGAF DEFD |
G2BG ABcA | defd gedc | BABd cBAG |1 DGGF G2 (3DEF :|2 DGGF G2Bd ||
gfga gfd2 | gfga gfde | fefg afge | fde^c dcAF |
G2BG ABcA | defd gedc | BABd cBAG |1 DGGF G2Bd :|2 DGGF G2 ||
# Added by Cath .
X: 3
T: Annie's Favourite
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
dB|:~G2 BG ABcA | d~g3 dedc | (3.B.c.d BG (3ABc AF |1 ~G2AF DEFD :|2 G2GF GABd ||
gfga gfdf | gfga gfde | fefg afge | fdeA d3c |
(3.B.c.B BG AGFD | (3.B.c.B BG AGFD | (3.B.c.B BG (3.A.c.A AF | ~G2GF GABd |
gfga gfdf | gfga gfde | fefg (3.a.g.f (3.g.f.e | fdeA .d2.g2 |
(3.B.c.B GB AGFD | (3.B.c.B BG AGFD | (3.B.c.B BG (3.A.c.A AF | ~G2 GF G2 |

Twelve comments

Annie’s Favourite

Transcribed from a Pat Kilbride album.

Dinny O’Brien’s/Shaskeen

Great tune, jocklet. I knew it as "Dinny O’Brien’s" hornpipe some years before Pat Kilbride recorded it, and "De Danann" recorded it under that name too. Joe Burke regularly plays it under the name "The Shaskeen", and it is easy to see the similarities between it and the reel.
P.S. - I put in "D O’B’s" as an alternative title and it’s come up in about 6 recordings. Those sre more likely to be the reel of that name, and it might avoid confusion if you delete "D.O’B’s" as a title.. Sorry about that. Well done.

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The Broadway

From Mick Mulvey’s cd, also known as The Gift and recorded by Bob Davenport and the Rakes as Greenwich Park.

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Similar but a different tune; the limitations of ABC are really apparent for that reason

A match at last!

Thanks Will, I didn’t think it would ever happen 🙂

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And thanks Jeremy for sorting out my error with the #
I will be more careful in future.

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Other Names for Broadway Hornpipe

I’ve added two other names for this tune. It appears on Paddy Keenan’s "Na Keen Affair" as Dinny O’Brien’s. Also on Tony Linnane & Patrick Sky’s album, "The Princess Royal", as The Flowers in May.

I heard this on the Come West Along the Road DVD being lilted by Jimmy Sinnott. It was named "The Mullingar Races" but "The Mullingar Races" is more commonly known as a reel which is also to be found in the database.

Rover Through the Bog

Musicians in NYC used to call this Taylor’s, often playing it with an Fnat in the 2nd part, and various other fiddle-ish little runs here and there. It would be worth an entry in its own right.

Re: Annie’s Favourite

Thank you for the music and the comments. John Carty and his daughter Maggie just released it as the Shaskeen Hornpipe on their new cd Settle Out of Court.