The Point Road jig

By Iain M. MacLeod

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Three comments


The first part of the tune is B minorish, maybe more of a modal key, but the second part is very much D major. It still has two sharps, so it shouldn’t matter to much to melody players, you should be able to work it out. 🙂

This is as good a tune as you’ll get and it sounds especially great played on the mandolin. It was, in fact, written by Iain MacLeod (ex Shooglenifty) and can be found on the “Venus in Tweeds” album. It’s also used as the theme tune for the Sunday morning Gardening program on Radio Scotland--so you can pick out the tune and the weeds at the same time. 🙂

This is a superb tune

I’ve been having a go at it in the mandolin - there’s a tricky bit in the bar where it switches from G sharp to G natural and also two bars after that - but I’m persevering with it. The beauty and genius of Shooglenifty is that that make their tunes sound so relaxed and effortless - both Iain Macleod, who composed this, and Luke Plumb, the current mandolin player, have that same fluid touch to their playing. Angus Grant, the fiddle player and composer of many of the tunes, is also a genius!

This tunes also features in ‘The Nineties Collection. New Scottish Tunes in Traditional Style’ p.34 which gives the chords as
A | A | D | D |
A | A | D…
D | D | A | A | Bm |
Bm | A | AD |Bm | Bm |
A | A | D | D | A | D
or something along those lines

The Point Road, X:3

There are, of course, numberous variations of the tune but these are a couple of them. This is just two parts but written out withour repeats.