The Bunch Of Currants reel

Also known as Esther’s, Miss Brady, Miss Brady’s, The Three-headed Monster.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: The Bunch Of Currants
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Edor
|:efge fgaf|efge fedf|eB(3BBB BAGF|EBAF GEE2|
efge fgaf|efge fedf|eB(3BBB BAGF|EBAF GEE2:|
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X: 2
T: The Bunch Of Currants
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Edor
"A"CDEF GABc|"D"dD D2 ADFD|"E dor"E2 GA BAGF|1 EBAF E3 D:|2 EBAF GE E2||
|:"E"g3 e fedf|efga gfed|"Bm"eB B2 dBAF|GBAF GE E2|
"E"g3 e fedf|efga gfed|"Bm"eB B2 dBAF|GBAF E2 E2:|

Seven comments

One of Jack McGuire`s favourites

This is a flute tune but sounds nice on any instrument .I like playing it slowly and it`s great for learners.I am now wondering,however, if I should have named it in the key of G.Jack McGuire was the father of Sean the fiddle player and came from County Cavan to Belfast-He played in lots of the ceili bands in the Belfast area on Flute and Piccolo.

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Esther’s Reel

This tune is already in the database with the parts reversed. I play a version very similar to it, but I don’t reverse the parts. Anyway, here it is.

Thanks Jack

The reversal of the parts is obviously why it didnt show up when I put the first couple of bars into the advanced search!

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"Miss Brady" / "The Bunch of Currants" / "Esther’s" / The 3-Headed Monster" - etc…

Key signature: E Dorian
Submitted on September 4th 2004 by lottiemaus.

Goes well with…

My Love is in America.

Or so I find.

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No, it’s "Curtains"

This was the first tune I learned at my first Willie Clancy Week in the early 2000’s, in Joe Burke’s B/C accordion class, which he called the "master class." It is definitely on a Joe Burke record, though I can’t recall which one. I had never heard or heard of it before. I was in over my head, but stretching to keep up with the teenage pyros and tyros was a true growth experience. It was pure, intense ear learning, to which I was very new, and I surprised myself and, I believe, our diplomatic maestro, by managing to play back the previous day’s new tune(s) the next morning. Anyway, I thought Joe gave this tune title as, "The Bunch of Curtains." This brought down the house when I blurted out later in the week how much I liked "The Bunch of Curtains," and I had a chance to reacquaint myself with the sensation of being an object of ridicule to an adolescent peer group.