Two recordings of a tune named
Jerry’s Beaver Hat
With a tune named
The Knights Of Saint Patrick

Jerry’s Beaver Hat (jig) is also known as Gerry Beaver’s Hat, Gerry’s Beaver Hat, Jenny’s Beaver Hat, Jerry Beaver’s Hat, Johnny Pouring Guinness, Paddy Get Up, The Returned Yank, The Yank’s Return.

The Knights Of Saint Patrick (jig) is also known as The King Of The Pipers, Knight’s Of St. Patrick, Knights Of St Patrick, The Knights Of St Patrick, Knights Of St. Patrick, The Knights Of St. Patrick, The Knights Of St.Patrick, Larry O’Gaff, Limestone Quarry, The Limestone Quarry, The Nights Of St Patrick, Ri Na Piobairi, St. Patrick’s.

Live-Disc 2 by Natalie MacMaster

  1. Knight’s Of St. Patrick
  2. Jerry Beaver’s Hat
  3. The Montana
  4. Paddy O’Rafferty

Traditional Music From Cape Breton by Various Artists

  1. Irish Lasses
  2. St. Patrick’s
  3. Jerry’s Beaver Hat
  4. The Chorus