Two recordings of
Jerry’s Beaver Hat
Kitty’s Wedding

Jerry’s Beaver Hat (jig) is also known as The Back Of My Hand, Gerry Beaver’s Hat, Gerry’s Beaver Hat, Jenny’s Beaver Hat, Jerry Beaver’s Hat, Johnny Pouring Guinness, Paddy Get Up, The Returned Yank, The Yank’s Return.

Kitty’s Wedding (hornpipe) is also known as The Golden Wedding, The Ideal, Kitty’s German, Kitty’s Wedding, Old Smith’s, Ships In Full Sail, Smith’s, Smith’s Delight, The Smith’s Delight, Smith’s Reel, Smiths Delight, Smiths Reel.

First Through The Gate by Brian Conway

  1. Jerry’s Beaver Hat
  2. Scatter The Mud
  3. Kitty’s Wedding

Sweet Nyaa by Moving Cloud (Denmark)

  1. Eddie Kelly’s No. 1
  2. Jerry’s Beaver Hat
  3. Ships In Full Sail
  4. Sonny Brogan’s