The City Blooming reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: The City Blooming
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
DFFD EFGE|FAce d2cd|gfed BedB|1 (3cBA GE D4:|2 (3cBA GE D2fg||
|:a^gab ad (3ddd|fage d2cd|Bee^d efga|bgfd efge|
[1a^gab adde|fage d2ef|gfed BedB|(3cBA GE D2aa:|
[2[D3d3]D EFGE|FAce d2cd|gfed BedB|(3cBA GE D4||

Twelve comments

I’m really happy with this very melodic (in a way “hornpipe-ish”) reel.
Written this spring in Vienna, in the metro line U3, it’s well liked by the co-sessionauts here, in particular by breton wooden flute player Yann Ecochard.

Original vs. traditional

Your 3rd composition posted in a week, “tradivarium”. You maybe aren’t aware of this, and I don’t know whether or not it still applies, but the last I heard there was a convention on this website that if you posted an original composition, that had to be counter-balanced by subsequently posting some traditional tunes. Anyone know if this is still the case?

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I find Stephan’s compositions exceptionally well-written. (Much much better than my awkward strathspey.) They definitely enrich the tradition. But, yes, I think we all have to conform to that rule. I’m not sure, but does Jeremy let all the contributers know about it?

Original vs. traditional

I think “the rule” exists because the wasn’t really intended as an original tune database. I believe the concept had more to do with sharing tunes you play at your sessions, or posting tunes that are becoming popular because of their appearance on high profile recordings. Personally, I like seeing people’s original tunes here, and I think it’s great that there’s a public place to post them, (I’ve posted my fair share,) but I do find the contributions of the other tunes to be more useful.

Since Jeremy hasn’t yet devised a way to categorize original tunes separately, I’d like to suggest a temporary solution. If the people who post original tunes were to place the links to their tunes in their profile – then we could find them easily. The names of original tunes aren’t widely known and available to do a search with so they tend to get lost.

I’ve finally got round to doing that with mine. I think it’s fair enough that that “balance” rule exists. I treat it as a guideline rather than a rule. I also like seeing people’s compositions here, and I’ve learnt quite a few which I’m trying to introduce to my session. (Nice tune by the way)…


This is what I think of your profile, Dow… geesh! hahahahaha

Sorry … I did not not know about that “balance rule” I’ve just broken. Having digged through a couple of discussions, I’m much wiser now.

I’m quite aware that conventions or guidelines exist within communities, whether in virtual or real-life situations and that they frequently make sense. This one does. (They don’t always, of course - coming from Austria with its worldwide reputation for an abundance of laws and restrictions, many of those dating back to the Emperor’s time, I know what I’m writing about…😉

Hmmm… perhaps it would be a good idea to have a more or less official FAQ on this and related topics to help newbies or people who cannot follow all of the discussions - due to language problems or lack of free time or lazyness or whatever.

Anyway, I will do penance 😉 There are a couple of “new” tunes floating around in our local sessions at the moment anyway, so it will be a good idea to transcribe some, also for my own purpose (I will of course check what’s already in the database, and what not…) - You can be sure there will be at least 5 good (I hope) transcriptions from my side before I come up with another one of mine. OK?

Jack Gilder, good idea with the links to the tunes, I will also link to mine from my profile.

Final word: the three tunes posted are already being played at our sessions - without a very positive feedback from some session mates I wouldn’t have dared to introduce them here, I’m really selective about that…



As for the FAQ, I should have written more specific. So what I mean is sort of an addendum to Jeremy’s. An additional one covering agreements and informal rules distilled out of the discussions past and present. This would really be helpful.

Posting original tunes

Another option that I’d like to point out for original tunes is a site I launched this past winter for just that purpose: As a composer of traditional tunes myself, it seemed that while there were a wealth of sites that offered the ability to post truly traditional tunes, there was no easy way to offer original compositions to the repetoir. Please check out the site and add some of your compositions if you are interested.

@ agianni

Good idea, I’ll check this out!