Blodau’r Drain waltz

Also known as Flowers Of The Thorn.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Blodau'r Drain
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Amin
E2|"Am"(A4 B2)|c2 B2 A2|e2 (dc) BA|"E7"B4 E2|
"Am"A2 (Ac) "Bm"(Bd)|"Am"(c2 B2) A2|"(E7?)"G2 (GB) "Am"(Ac)|"E7"B4:|
B2|"Am"c4 c2|"G"d4 d2|"C"e2 (e2 "F"f2)|"C"e4 "G7"d2|
"Am"(cB) cd c2|"G7"(dc) de d2|"C"(ed) ef ef|"G7"(g3 f) ed|
"C"(cB) cd ec|"Dm"(dc) de fd|"Am"e2 (e2 a2)|"E7"^g4 b2|
"Am"a2 e2 c2|"Dm"f2 e2 d2|"E7"c2 (dc) Bc|"Am"a4||
X: 2
T: Blodau'r Drain
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Amin
E2|(A4 B2)|c2 B2 A2|e2 (dc) BA|B4 B2|
A2 (Ac) (Bd)|(c2 B2) A2|^G2 (GB) (Ac)|B4:|
B2|c4 c2|d4 d2|e2 (e2 f2)|e4 d2|
(cB) cd c2|(dc) de d2|(ed) ef ef|(g3 f) ed|
(cB) cd ec|(dc) de fd|e2 (e2 a2)|^g4 b2|
a2 e2 c2|f2 e2 d2|c2 (dc) Bc|A4||

Seven comments

Blodau’r Drain

This should be played slowly with feeling,not in waltz tempo.

Jocklet, this is a Waltz, a Welsh one and therefore would be played in Waltz tempo albeit slowly and with feeling. If not a Waltz then what is it?

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Bloadau’r Drain

It means “The Flowers of the Thorn” and its lovely.
Noel Jackson
Angels of the North

Blodau’r Drain

It’s not a waltz,it’s a slow air.Listen to Brian McNeill’s version on his album “Monksgate” You can play it as a waltz if you want to,it still sounds good.

Mae’n walts -

You can have your cake and eat it at whatever speed you like and in a dainty fashion or with melodromatic kick. We played this one for waltzing in Ceredigion (the centre-of -the-universe for some being Aberystwyth) and beyond, putting the latter swing on it. It is played by the Welsh Folk Dance crowd (Cymdeithas Ddawns Werin Cymru / The Welsh Folk Dance Society) in various states of waltzing it. It is also featured in their collection:

“Blodau’r Grug: 100 o Alawon Dawnsio Gwerin Poblogaidd Cymru / 100 Popular Welsh Folk Dance Tunes” - selected and arranged by Alex Hamilton, revised by Robin Huw Bowen

Yr Alawon / The Tunes:
4. Waltsiau / Waltzes ~ page 35:

Tôn / Alaw / Tune #75. Blodau’r Drain / The Flowers of the Thorn

Re: Blodau’r Drain

Does anyone know who wrote it or how old it is?