Two recordings of
The Friendly Visit
The Cliffs

The Friendly Visit (hornpipe) is also known as A Friendly Visit, Callanan’s Retreat, Smith’s Favorite, Smith’s Favourite, Whittle Dean, Whittle Dene, Wittle Dean.

The Cliffs (hornpipe) is also known as Brown’s, The California Schottische, Cincinnati, The Cincinnati, The Cliff, Cliff’s, The Cliffe, The Fisherman’s Favorite, Fisherman’s Favourite, The Fisherman’s Favourite, Fred Wilson’s, Fred Wilson’s Clog, Higgen’s, Higgens’, Higgin’s, Higgins’, The Ruby Lip, The Ruby, Wilson’s Clog.

City by the Suir by Sean Dunphy Ceili Band

  1. Dunphy’s
  2. Cliff
  3. Friendly Visit

Paul Smyth by Paul Smyth

  1. The Friendly Visit
  2. The Cliff