Thirty-four recordings of The Return To Miltown

Also known as The Ferry Banks, The Glorious Farewell To Milltown, The Glorious Return To Milltown, The Glorious Return To Miltown, Return To Milltown, The Return To Milltown.

This tune has been recorded together with My Love Is In America (a few times), Shake A Leg (a few times), The Silver Spire (a few times), Simon Thoumire’s (a few times), Ah Surely, The Banshee, Billy In The Lowground, The Bird’s Nest, The Blackhaired Lass, The Boy In The Gap, The Bunch Of Green Rushes, The Bunch Of Roses, City Of Savannah, The Commodore, The Congress, Cooley’s, Farewell To Milltown, The Fisherman’s Island, The Flooded Road To Glenties, Fort Of The Daft Woman, The Gale, Good Morning To Your Nightcap, The Humours Of Kinvara, Jackie Daly’s, Jackson’s, Jimmy’s Return, Johnny Doherty’s, Kit O’Connor’s, Lady Anne Montgomery, Lucy Farr’s, The Maid Of Mount Kisco, Mama’s Pet, McDonagh’s, Miss Girdle, The Moving Cloud, Munster Bacon, Music For A Found Harmonium, The Old Bush, The Old Hag Of Galway, Paddy Canny’s Toast, Patsy Campbell, The Reel Of Rio, The Ribbons Of The Redheaded Girl, St. Kilda Wedding, The Star Of Munster, Tam Lin, Tommy Peoples’, Toss The Feathers, The Union, Wat Ye Wha I Met The Streen.

  1. Across The Borders by Battlefield Band
  2. All In Good Time : CD 1 by Various Artists
  3. Bosca Ceoil And Fiddle by Cathal Clohessy And Eamonn Costello
  4. By Hook or By Crook by The Tin Sandwich Band
  5. Call Of The Wild by Wild Asparagus
  6. Cuckanandy by Moving Cloud
  7. Curfa by Curfa
  8. Factor 3 by Friday Frolics
  9. Fonnchaoi by Verena Commins And Julie Langan
  10. Footprints by No I.D.
  11. Gander In The Pratie Hole by Carlos Plumley And Mike Herr
  12. Grove Lane by Joe Derrane with John McGann
  13. High Clouds by Greenfield Dance Band
  14. In Full Flight by Wild Geese
  15. Kist O’ Gold by Dick Gaughan
  16. Last Night’s Fun by Last Night’s Fun
  17. Letting Go… by Katherine Irwin Thomas
  18. Live In Concert by The Green Fields Of America
  19. One by Natalie MacMaster and Donnell Leahy
  20. Partners In Crime by Ross Ainslie And Jarlath Henderson
  21. Pipers Gathering 2014 by Various Artists
  22. Pull The Knife by Killarney
  23. Raining Bicycles by Skylark
  24. Regrouped by Boys Of The Lough
  25. Smiddyburn by Dave Swarbrick
  26. The Contrarians by Contrarians
  27. The Hurricane by Donagh Hennessy And Mark Crickard
  28. The Lights Of Ranzanico by Diarmaid And Donncha Moynihan
  29. The Silver Spire by Karen Tweed
  30. Threads by Battlefield Band
  31. Time Of Change by The Boys In The Gap
  32. Tony McManus by Tony McManus
  33. Totes for Goats by Burning Bridget Cleary
  34. Up In The Air by Danu