One recording of
The Woman Of The House
The Swallowtail

The Woman Of The House (reel) is also known as Bean A Ti, Bean A Ti Ar La, Bean An Ti, The Lady Of The House, The Mistress Of The House, The Old Woman Of The House.

The Swallowtail (jig) is also known as The Custom House, The Dancing Master, The Dancingmaster, Drioball Na Fáinleoige, From The New Country, From The New World, From The Next Country, Gigue De Barnabé, The Swallow Tail, The Swallow’s Nest, The Swallow’s Tail, Swallow-tail, Swallows Tail.

A' Sireadh Spòrs by Dr. Angus MacDonald

  1. Ruidhleadh Cailleach
  2. Swallows Tail
  3. The Woman Of The House
  4. The High Road To Linton