Two recordings of a tune named
Farewell To Leitrim
With a tune named
Hand Me Down The Tackle

Farewell To Leitrim (reel) is also known as Kennaw’s, Lawson’s, Lawson’s Favorite, Lawson’s Favourite, Lawsons Favourite.

Hand Me Down The Tackle (reel) is also known as Bob Steele’s, The Boys Of New York, The Hand Down On My Tackle, Hand Down The Tackle, Hand Me Down My Tackle, Hand Me Down The Tackles, Miss Flanagan, The Pure Drop, Reidy Johnnson’s, Reidy Johnson, Reidy Johnson’s, Sin Chugam Anuas An Tacla, Tom Steele, Tom Steele’s.

1891-1945 Disc 1 by Michael Coleman

  1. Tom Steele
  2. Lawson’s Favourite

Hugh Gillespie by Hugh Gillespie

  1. Farewell To Leitrim
  2. Tom Steele