Three recordings of
The Farewell
MacArthur Road

The Farewell (march) is also known as Farewell March, The Farewell March, The Farewell, Marshall’s Farewell.

MacArthur Road (reel) is also known as Bóthar Mhic Artair, MacArthur’s Road, Mc Arthur’s Road, McArthur Road, McArthur’s Road, Old But Happy At 63.

Grand Tour: Traditional Music On Piano by Eric Eid-Reiner

  1. The Golden Tooth
  2. Aidan’s
  3. The Farewell
  4. The Brewer Lad
  5. The Popcorn
  6. MacArthur Road
  7. Charlie Hardie’s

In My Hands by Natalie MacMaster

  1. Farewell March
  2. Charlie Hardie
  3. Frank Gilruth
  4. McArthur Road

Live-Disc 1 by Natalie MacMaster

  1. The Golden Tooth
  2. The Farewell March
  3. Charlie Hardie’s
  4. Frank Gilruth
  5. McArthur Road