Two recordings of
Eddie Moloney’s Favourite
The Pigeon On The Gate

Eddie Moloney’s Favourite (reel) is also known as The Dangerous, The Drogheda Lasses, The Drogheda, Eddie Moloney’s Favourite, John Egan’s, Mary Of The Grove, Paddy Doorhy’s, The Soldier Who Returned, Eddie Moloney’s Favorite.

The Pigeon On The Gate (reel) is also known as An Colúr Ar An NGeata, Ná Coillte Críona, Pidgeon On The Gate, The Pidgeon On The Gate, Pidgeon On The Gatepost, The Pigeon At The Gate, Pigeon On A Gate, The Pigeon On The Gate Post, Pigeon On The Gatepost.

Frankie Gavin & Alec Finn by Frankie Gavin And Alec Finn

  1. The Pigeon On The Gate
  2. Drogheda Lasses

The Lonesome Fiddler by Éilís Crean

  1. Dorey’s
  2. Blockers
  3. Pigeon On The Gate