Thirty-four recordings of Stan Chapman’s

Also known as Stan Chapman, Willie’s Trip To Toronto, Yvonne’s.

This tune has been recorded together with Bennachie Sunrise (a few times), The Miller’s Maggot (a few times), The Girl Of The House (a few times), I Buried My Wife And Danced On Her Grave (a few times), Out On The Ocean (a few times), Aliyah Leahy’s Baptism, All The Rage, Arthur Darley’s, The Atholl Highlanders, Australian Waters, Banish Misfortune, Binomial Expansion, The Black Rogue, Calliope House, Cape Breton, The Connaughtman’s Rambles, Dan Collins’ Father’s, The Doberman’s Wallet, Fair Jenny’s, Fergie’s, Galway Bay, The Humours Of Glendart, Islay Rant, Jackson’s, Johnny Muise’s, The Lilting Banshee, The Lisnagun, Lough Gill, Miss Walsh, The Morning Lark, Obsessive Island, Old John’s, The Orphan, Pat And Al’s, The Rambler, The Rambling Pitchfork, The Road To Skye, The Rolling Waves, Rory MacLeod, Seanamhac Tube Station, The Ships In Full Sail, Spin-N-Glo, Thunderhead, Tommy Peoples’, Tyrell’s Pass, Whelan’s, The White Petticoat, Willie Coleman’s, Wissahickon Drive.

  1. A Portland Play Along Selection: 97 Contra Dance Tunes for Listening and Learning by Betsy Branch, Clyde Curley, Susan Songer
  2. Barco by Cormac De Barra
  3. Celtic Fiddle Festival: Play On by Kevin Burke, Christian Lemaitre, Andre Brunet, Ged Foley
  4. Crystal Clear by Jerry Holland
  5. Dance for Joy! by Reel of Seven
  6. Dance Music Of Ireland, Volume 11 by Matt Cunningham
  7. Dance Music Of Ireland, Volume 15: Céilí Dances by Matt Cunningham
  8. Dance Music Of Ireland, Volume 21 by Matt Cunningham
  9. Far From Home by Callanish
  10. Foxy Laddie by The Sensational Jimi Shandrix Experience
  11. I Won’t Be Afraid Any More by Nomos
  12. Irish Jigs & Reels by Various Artists
  13. Just As It Was 2 by Alasdair Fraser and Muriel Johnstone
  14. Lamh Ar Lamh (Many Hands) CD 1 by Various Artists
  15. Live At The Druid by Various Artists
  16. Live At Trinity Hall by Trinity Hall Session Players
  17. Live in Concert by Tony MacManus & Julia Toaspern
  18. Open House by Kevin Burke’s Open House
  19. Seisiún Na H-Éireann 2006 Festival CD by Various Artists
  20. Solas by Solas
  21. Solo by Jerry Holland
  22. Some Tasty Tunes by Brenda Stubbert
  23. Spirit by Gillian Head
  24. Tamerack ‘er Down by Brenda Stubbert
  25. Test Of Time by Lalla Rookh
  26. The Blackberry Blossom - Celtic Jigs & Reels by Various Artists
  27. The Jura Ceilidh Band by The Jura Ceilidh Band
  28. The Plain Of Jars by Brian Kelly
  29. The River That Runs Below by Blackthorn Band
  30. The Road North by Alasdair Fraser With Paul Machlis
  31. These Are the Days by Burning Bridget Cleary
  32. Tune Poets by Troy MacGillivray
  33. Warts ‘n All by The Flying Toads
  34. Yield Up The Night Time by Mike Butler, Aidan McMahon & Michael Landers