Twenty-two recordings of Andrew Carr

Also known as Andrew Carei, Andrew Carey, Andrew Carey’s, Andrew Cary, Andrew Kerr, Andy Carey, Cnuic Tiobraid-Arainn, Con’s Slip, Derby Carey, Hills Of Tipperary, The Hills Of Tipperary, Michael Gorman’s, Over The Hill To Tipperary, Over The Hills To Tipperary, Scotland, Tipperary Hills, The Tipperary Hills, The Yairds O’ Finnigirth.

This tune has been recorded together with Sir Roger De Coverly (a few times), Da Foula Reel, The Drops Of Brandy, Gusty’s Frolics, The Humours Of Whiskey, I’ll Touzle Your Kurchy, The Ladies Of Carrick, Larry’s Favourite, The Long Room At Scarborough, Paddy Whack, Peacock Follow The Hen, Rattlin’ Roarin’ Willie, The Rocky Road To Dublin, The Shepherd’s Wife, Shew Us The Way To Wallington, The Wedding O’ Blyth, Will You Come Down To Limerick.

  1. An Seisiún by Marie Fielding
  2. Another Sky by Altan
  3. Beggar Boy Of The North by Greg Stephens And Crookfinger Jack
  4. Bolt the Door by Poisoned Dwarf
  5. Castles, Kirks And Caves by Abby Newton
  6. Hills Of Clare by Joe Fitzgerald
  7. Infinite Blue by The Poozies
  8. Irish Jigs, Reels & Hornpipes by Willie Clancy And Michael Gorman
  9. Marching Out Of Time by The Fifes And Drums Of Colonial Williamsburg
  10. Mr. Universe by Tony Hall
  11. Muji BGM 7 by Various Artists
  12. Nesta by Sarah-Jane Summers
  13. The Beirneach by James Byrne
  14. The Best Of Fiddle Fever by Fiddle Fever
  15. The Compositions Of Paddy O’Brien by Eileen O’Brien And Willie Fogarty
  16. The Lads of Northumbria by High Level Ranters
  17. Three Forks Of Cheat by Trapezoid
  18. Torch And Fire by Dan Beimborn
  19. Traditional Fiddle Music From Donegal by Con Cassidy
  20. Two Miles To Tulla by Larry Gavin, Micheál O’Rourke And Charlie Lennon
  21. Varry Canny by Canny Fettle
  22. Yet More Tunes by John Skelton