The Monument jig

By Seán Nugent

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Monument
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmix
G|ADD EFG|AdB cde|fga ged|cAG EFG|
ADD EFG|AdB cde|fed cAG|EDD D2 G|
ADD EFG|AdB cde|~f4 ed|cAG EFG|
ADD EFG|AdB cde|fed cAG|EDD D2 A|
d2d d^cd|aaa afd|c2c cdf|agf g2f|
a2b agf|g2a gfe|fed cAG|EDD D2 A|
d2d d^cd|aaa afd|c2c cdf|agf g2f|
aaa ggg|fff eee|fed cAG|EDD D3|

Seven comments

The Monument

This completes what I find to be one of the coolest set of gigs from Larry Nugent’s cd, two for two. However, the Monument I find to be a really interesting Dmix tune in its own right. I have been developing a fascination (fetish?) with dmix tunes lately, and it strikes me that this tune is paradigmatic of the heights in which Dmix tunes can soar. The title of the tune actually refers to a monument somewhere in Ireland, but again I do not have the liner notes at the moment to confirm the details.


oh, i forgot to mention that the second time thru both the a and b parts are Larry’s variations to be used of course at your discretion.

according to liner notes, this tune was composed by Larry’s father, Sean Nugent, and is named after a dolmen on the top of Larghy Mountain in Lack, Co. Fermanagh.

THe 2nd octave Cnaturals that Larry uses sound great but they are tough to get cleanly on a flute. I wonder what this would sound like on a fiddle or pipes.

BTW the cnaturals show up on the WFO recording. I assume they are also on his solo album.

😀 ~ cut and paste, I should have seen that duplication in the original discussion submission ~ ‘CD and Book CD and book’…