Robinson’s reel

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Robinson's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
Aeef eA (3cBA|BG~G2 DGBG|Aeef eAce|1 aeed BA^GB:|2 aeed BAAB||
|:ceec ~d2fA|~c2ec dcBA|ce~e2 df (3ef^g|aeed BAAB:|
cEED ~E2cE|~E2cE BDGB|cEEF DFAc|~d2ed cAAB|
cEED ~E2cE|~E2cE BDGF|EFGE AB=ce|dBgB BAce||
~a2ed cdef|~g2d=c BGAG|EA~A2 (3Bcd ef|~g2Bc def^g|
~aeed cdef|ged=c BAGB|ABce ~a3f|~g3d BAAB||
|:~c3e fB~B2|~g3e dBGB|(3cBA eA fAe^g|1 aeed BAAB:|2 aeed BA^GB||
X: 2
T: Robinson's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
cABG FAE2|FAde cAAB|cABG Acdf|ec (3Bcd cAAB|
cABG FAE2|FAde cAEF|G2BG dGBf|geed BAA^g||

Five comments


This is a reel I wrote a few years ago. I started playing it again recently and fiddled about with it until I was happy with it, changing the key and rewriting the 4th part in the process. With 5 parts in total, it’s the longest tune I’ve written. It should be fun to play at full lick on a fiddle because it makes use of the open strings.

Hi Dow
It doesn’t have 5 parts the way it’s coming up on my screen - 4 parts with a long 3rd part which is maybe meant to be the 3rd and 4th part??
Not wild about the first half of the long 3rd part or the 4th part but the rest is just great. Even with what’s left there’s a great reel in there! Hope this is a balanced enough critique - at least I played it.
BTW who is Robinson - ?Barley Water.

4 or 5 parts

I think I see where I went wrong. The 3rd part is not marked with a repeat sign at the end to divide what I thought was a rather long 3rd into 3rd and 4th - god how long winded!!
So it is the 3rd part that I have the problem with.
It doesn’t get any better than this.

Alternative 3rd part

Hi Donough,

Thanks very much for your comments - they are much appreciated. The tune is named after a friend. The 3rd and 4th parts do not repeat like the others so they are divided with a double barline || rather than repeat bar. It’s interesting that you picked out the only part that I haven’t changed since I wrote it - all the others have been rewritten to varying degrees. I agree that the 3rd part is more flimsy than the others. If I were to rewrite it now I’d probably do it a lot differently and make the rhythm rock a bit more, maybe something like this:

|cEED E2cE|E2cE BDGB|cEEF DFAc|dfed cAAB|
cEED E2cE|E2cE BGFG|E2GE DGBf|geed BAA^g||

Updated edit with rewritten 3rd part - old 3rd part transcribed in 2nd abc.