Two recordings of
Lord Moira’s Welcome To Scotland
The Devil Is Dead

Lord Moira’s Welcome To Scotland (strathspey) is also known as Bonnie Scotland, The Bonnie Woods Highland Fling, The Bonnie Woods Highland, The Bonny Woods And Braes, The Boys From Knock, The Boys Of Knock, The Bundoran Highland Fling, The Bundoran Highland, Highland A’ Choille, The Highland Fling, Highland Schottische, Joe Bane’s, Joe Bane’s Highland, Joe Bane’s Highland Fling, Joe Bann’s, Lord Moira, Lord Moira’s, Lord Moira’s Fling, Lord Moira’s Highland, Lord Moira’s Highland Fling, Louden’s Bonnie Braes, Louden’s Bonnie Woods, Louden’s Bonnie Woods And Braes, Louden’s Braes Are Bonnie, Louden’s Braes Sae Bonnie, Louden’s Braes So Bonnie, Loudens Braes Sae Bonnie, Loudens Braes So Bonnie, Loudon’s Bonnie Braes, Loudon’s Bonnie Woods, Loudon’s Bonnie Woods And Braes, Loudon’s Braes Are Bonnie, Loudon’s Braes Sae Bonnie, Loudon’s Braes So Bonnie, Loudons Bonnie Woods, The Marquis Of Hastings, The Marquis Of Hastings’, Old Aunt Katie, Tom Ban’s.

The Devil Is Dead (march) is also known as Baggy Britches, Bímse Féin Ag Iascaireacht, Bonnie Lass Come O’er The Burn, Bonnie Lass Come Ower The Burn, The Braes O’ Mar, Braes Of Mar, The Braes Of Mar, Braes Of Marr, The Braes Of Marr, The Braes Of, Bras Of Mar, Deirtear Go Bhfuil An Diabhal Marbh, The Devil’s Highland Fling, Jenny Will You Marry Me, Jenny Will You Marry Me?, Jenny Won’t You Marry Me?, Jenny, Will You Marry Me?, Johnny Will You Marry Me, Johnny Will You Marry Me?, Johnny Won’t You Marry Me?, Johnny, Will You Marry Me?, The Lasses Of Donnybrook, Love Will You Marry Me, Love Won’t You Marry Me, Love Won’t You Marry Me?, Love, Will You Marry Me ?, Love, Won’t You Marry Me?, Marḃ An Ḋiaḃal, Molly Will You Marry Me?, Some Say The Devil Is Dead, Some Say The Devil Is Dead And Living In Killarney, Some Say The Devil’s Dead, Some Say The Devil’s Dead Highland Fling.

Solid Ground by Shane Mulchrone

  1. The Boys Of Knock
  2. Johnny Will You Marry Me

The Old Scottish Dance Bands (Volume 2) by Various Artists

  1. The Braes Of Tullimet
  2. Louden’s Bonnie Woods
  3. The Braes O’ Mar