The Blue jig

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Two settings

X: 1
T: The Blue
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amix
|:A=c^c efe|efe =c^ce|A=c^c efe|ecA BBB|
A=c^c efe|efe =c^ce|aga ged|^d=d=c AAA:|
|:FAB =cBA|FAB =cBA|cef gfe|cef gfe|
FAB =cBA|FAB =cBA|aga ged|^d=d=c AAA:|
X: 2
T: The Blue
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amin
|:"A7"A3 cBA|cBA a3|age _edc|"D7"d^de d=dc|
"A7"A3 cBA|cBA a3|age "D7"cAG|"E7"_EDC "A"A,3:|
|:"D7"^FAB cBA|^FAB cBA|"A7"^ce^f gfe|^ce^f gfe|
"D7"^FAB cBA|^FAB cBA|"A7"age "D7"cAG|"E7"_EDC "A"A,3:|
|:Acd _edc|Acd _edc|ega _bag|ega _bag|
Acd _edc|Acd _edc|age cAG|_EDC A,3:|

Ten comments

A keeper

First time I heard the Midi play, I thought, “Hey what th–” but by the time it got to the B part, I was laughing out loud at it. Ice hot, one for the tunebook if only for that one moment someone says, “Know any new tunes? …”

“As a matter of fact yes … but, it’s a little blue …”

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On uillean pipes you cannot play much more blue, at least without keys!

RE: composer

Anyone know any recordings of this, or who was the composer?

The Blue Jig, X:2

This was written by Joel Mabus in 1994. The second setting above was found by following a link on the abcnotation web site. The tune can also be found in The Portland Collection Vol. 2.


The Blue Jig, X:2 Key

The key is not really A minor. “K:Am” just indicates a key signature(no sharps no flats). The key is A with a major feel, lots of 7ths in the chords, and flatted 3rds in the melody. The tune does not appear to fit any of the usual Irish modes.


And, the Key, Please

This has a minor sound or feel to me.
Maybe the reaction of major feel comes from the B part.
There are A major chords.
To me the B part modulates to D major and the A chords are the 5 chord in D.
Then, the tune resolves back to A minor at the end.
Does this logic hold for you?


Thank you! - and what chords?

Thanks Ron, I’ll now credit Joel Mabus. Its darn difficult to find composers to some tunes! On another note, does anyone have any tips on what chords to use, whether to just stick to regular A major chords or to put some slightly jazzier ones in? I’m not a guitarist, and am generally very boring with chords!

Re: Key and Chords

I agree that the first 2 measures give a minor feel because of the c natural.
I don’t think it changes key in the second part. The second part starts on the IV chord(D); this is a common occurence in music of this nature.
The “home note” is A. Whether the key is minor or major is ambiguous.
The setting above (X:2) was copied from:
are a personal thing - suggestions really. I can see that some might prefer “Am7” at the beginning of the first two lines, or you could play the chord without the third (A E G).
I personally think that using 7th chords adds to the “blues feel”.
I’m sure that “jazzier chords” would work very well.