My Tocher’s The Jewel jig

Also known as Bundle And Go, The High Way To Edinburgh, The Highway To Edinburgh, Lord Elcho’s Favourite.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: My Tocher's The Jewel
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amin
|:e|cAA A2G|Acd eag|edc e2d|cGG G2e|
cAA A2G|Acd eag|ega ged|cAA A2:|
|:g|gag gec|deg a2a|ged BdB|AGG G2e|
ABA ABA|Acd eag|ega ged|cAA A2:|
X: 2
T: My Tocher's The Jewel
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Emin
B,EE ~E2D|EGA Bed|Bge dBA|1 GEE E2D:|2 GEE E2 B||
|:ded dBG|ABd e2e|dBA GBA|GDD D2D|
EGD EGD|EGA Bed|Bge dBA|1 GEE E2B:|2 GEE E3||

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What’s a tocher?

I remember learning this tune many years ago form a book of Jim Kerr’s collected tunes my father owned. Anyone know what a tocher is?

Tocher = dowry

In the Scots language a tocher means “dowry”.

Cf. Robert Burns’ song: A Lass Wi A Tocher, which is translated into English as: A Girl with a Dowry.

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Info required

This is a catchy jig which I learned a few years ago from Simon Bradley. I really don’t know much about its history so if anyone can help?

Highway to Edinburgh

A lovely tune indeed.
Mode might be Adorian, but its a 6 one melody, so could be Aminor, too.

Re mode

Yes, I’ve just realised that it’s not G major but it won’t affect the notation. It’s not Emin either but something in between. I can work out some “modal” chords for it but I get confused with this dorian and mixylodian stuff. 🙂

Mode and Chords

I’d just call it E pentatonic and leave it at that. As far as harmonization, I’d try “thirdless” chords like E5 and G5. Just a couple of suggestions, not meant to be definitive.

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Alternate title: Lord Elcho’s Favourite

Alasdair Fraser plays a version of this tune on his recording: Legacy of the Scottish Fiddle Volume 2. Fraser notes that Gow published this tune as Lord Elcho’s Favourite.

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“My Tocher’s the Jewel” = “My Dowry is the Jewel” ~ Robert Burns

My Tocher’s The Jewel

O, meikle thinks my luve o’ my beauty,
And meikle thinks my luve o’ my kin;
But little thinks my luve I ken brawlie
My tocher’s the jewel has charms for him.
It’s a’ for the apple he’ll nourish the tree,
It’s a’ for the hiney he’ll cherish the bee!
My laddie’s sae meikle in luve wi’ the siller,
He canna hae luve to spare for me!

Your proffer o’ luve’s an airle-penny,
My tocher’s the bargain ye wad buy;
But an ye be crafty, I am cunnin,
Sae ye wi’ anither your fortune may try.
Ye’re like to the timmer o’ yon rotten wood,
Ye’re like to the bark o’ yon rotten tree:
Ye’ll slip frae me like a knotless thread,
An‘ ye’ll crack ye’re credit wi’ mair nor me!

“Kerr’s Third Collections of Merry Melodies”

James Kerr
Page 31: “My Tocher’s the Jewel”

“My Tocher’s the Jewel” / “The High Way to Edinburgh” ~ A minor

Duplication, but a different key ~
Submitted on July 10th 2004 by jakki S.

“My Tocher’s the Jewel” / “The High Way to Edinburgh” ~ e minor

Duplication ~ but a different key
Submitted on March 16th 2005 by John J.