One recording of
The Margaree
The Graf Spee

The Margaree (reel) is also known as A Margaree, Donalbane, West Margaree.

The Graf Spee (reel) is also known as The Graf Spay, Graf Spey, The Graf Spey, The Graff Spey, The Grand Spey, The Grand Spy, Grant’s Strathspey, The Rothiemurcas Rant, The Rothiemurchus Rant, The Western Lassies, Winnie Green’s.

Seudan by Seudan

  1. The Rothiemurchus Rant
  2. Alex Currie’s
  3. Lord MacDonald
  4. Cota Mor Ealasaid
  5. Hamish The Carpenter
  6. The Margaree