Lucky Lucky Day slip jig

By Dónal Lunny

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Three settings

X: 1
T: Lucky Lucky Day
R: slip jig
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|GDG A~B2 dBe|d2A B2d BAB|GDG A~B2 dBe|dge d2A BAB|
GDG A~B2 dBe|d2A B2d BAB|~G3 A~B2 dBe|dge d2A BAB|
|:GDG A~B2 GAB|ded BAB def|g2a bg2 dBd|ede fgf edB|
A2B dA2 d2e|dBA ABd deg|abe de2 ABd|ede g2e dBA:|
|:e2B de2 ABd|edB ABd EGB|AGA Bd2 ABd|eda ded ged|
e2B de2 gfd|edB dgf dBG|A2A BdA Bde|1 dAB ded ABd:|2 dAB ded BAB||
X: 2
T: Lucky Lucky Day
R: slip jig
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
GDGA ~B2dB ed2A B2 dB AB|GDGA ~B2dB edge d2 AB AB|
GDGA ~B2dB ed2A B2 dB AB|~G3A ~B2dB edge d2 AB AB|
|:GDGA ~B2GA Bded BAB def|g2ab g2dB dede fgf edB|
A2Bd A2d2 edBA ABd deg|abed ~e2AB dede g2e dBA:|
|:e2Bd e2AB dedB ABd EGB|AGAB d2AB ded aded ged|
e2Bd e2gf dedB dgf dBG|1 A2AB dABde dAB ded ABd:|
[2 A2AB dABd edAB ded BAB||
X: 3
T: Lucky Lucky Day
R: slip jig
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:GDG A~B2 dBe|(3ded B BAB dAB|GDG A~B2 dBe|dge ded BAB:|
|:GDG A~B2 GAB|ded BAB def|g2a bgg dBd|ede g2f edB|
~A2B dAA d2e|dBA A (3Bcd deg|abg dee ABd|ede g2e dBA:|
|:~e2B dee A (3Bcd|edB ABd EGB|AGA Bdd A (3Bcd|eda ded gfd|
~e2B dee gfd|edB dgf dBG|A2A BdA Bde|1 dAB ded A (3Bcd:|2 dAB ded BAB||

Three comments

Lucky Lucky Day

This tune was written by Donal Lunny. It appears
on his “Coolfin” recording. Halfway through the
arrangement the meter shifts into reeltime, although
in order to make it work out there an extra beat
every two measures. It sounds like a completely
different tune. I’ll post a version of it soon.

As a reel

Here’s the reeltime version. The notes are exactly the same as before; it’s just
that the emphasis is put in different places (and it swings like a reel). I’ve
grouped the notes in 4’s and 3’s to show where the beats come. the two main
patterns are: 1234-1234-1234-12-12-12 and 1234-1234-1234-123-123. The first part
sounds a little contrived but the second two part are wonderful. The rhythm
twists and turns. Good luck!

T:Lucky Lucky Day (Reeltime)
C:Donal Lunny
GDGA ~B2dB ed2A B2 dB AB | GDGA ~B2dB edge d2 AB AB | !
GDGA ~B2dB ed2A B2 dB AB | ~G3A ~B2dB edge d2 AB AB ||: !
GDGA ~B2GA Bded BAB def | g2ab g2dB dede fgf edB | !
A2Bd A2d2 edBA ABd deg | abed ~e2AB dede g2e dBA :||: !
e2Bd e2AB dedB ABd EGB | AGAB d2AB ded aded ged | !
e2Bd e2gf dedB dgf dBG |1 A2AB dABde dAB ded ABd :|
|2 A2AB dABd edAB ded BAB ||

Lucky Lucky Day, X:3

I learned this version in class from Kevin Crawford, who plays it after Lá Ollamh (Professor’s Day) in a set called 2 Day’s on his Carrying the Tune album. He plays with some ornaments and variations, including the 4th measure of the B part being ede (3gfe f edB some of the times through the tune. And of course, being a woodwind player, he skips some notes for breaths.

Kevin plays this on a C whistle, so it comes out in F, not G on the album. But I write this in G, as it is the more normal place to play it. Anyone wanting to play along to the album will have to grab a C whistle, capo, transcription program, or pitch shifting app.