Valse Frontenac waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Valse Frontenac
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
c3 e2B/d/|c2 B A3|f3 def|e3 e3|d2d dcB|
[1e2c A2c|B4 ef|gf ed cB:|2 e2c A2d|c3 B3|A3 E/F/ G/A/ B/A/||
c3 e2B|c3 e3|f3 def|e3 e3|d2d dcB|
c2c cBA|B4 ef|gf ed cB|c3 e2B|c3 e3|
ff/ d/ f/g/ agf|e3 e3|d2d dcB|e2c A2d|c3 B3|A4 AB||
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Five comments

A French-Canadian waltz learned from Chris Norman’s “Beauty of the North” He puts in loads of variations and interpretations…the ABC doesn’t do it justice!

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the midi sound file plays this tune in jig tempo and the music is written in jig tempo but you call it a waltz, there’s something not quite right here I feel. Do I play it like the midi file or do I rewrite it into correct waltz notation? I do not have access to the recording so cannot make my own judgements about the correctness or otherwise of your transposing.

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Time not tempo

The tune *is* written out in waltz time: 3/4. No tempo is indicated at all so I don’t understand how it could be rewritten with a different tempo.

Do not go by the midi file to determine the tempo. It is a very slow waltz and should be played at a slow tempo. Try 80-90 bpm. Hope this helps! 🙂

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Hetty, I see what you’re saying, you’re right - it’s written out as a jig, i.e. wrongly transcribed for the time signature. If you want to midi this and have sheetmusic that tallies as well, you’ll need to use appropriate software and rewrite it in the same time signature but with all the note lengths doubled, so that e.g. the first 4 bars read “c6|e4 Bd|c4 B2|A6…”