The Road To Ballinakill jig

By Owen Hackett

Also known as Around Loughgill, Carmel Doyle’s, Owen Hacket’s, Owen Hackett’s, Owenmore, Paddy Gavin’s, Tom Hackett’s Dream.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Road To Ballinakill
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:A|BAB GBd|ede Gce|dBd dBG|FAF DFA|
BAB GBd|ede Gce|dBG DFA|BGF G2:|
|:A|B2d gdB|c2e gec|B2d gdB|Agf edc|
B2d gdB|c2e gec|BdB cAF|AGF G2:|

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The Road To Ballinakill (jig)

Source: Mike and Mary Rafferty
Transcription: gmp

I learned this from Liz Carroll as Paddy Gavin’s, and it’s also called Owen Hackett’s (see:

My version is slightly different from both this one and the one Dave (jocklet) posted. I’ll get around to adding it to the comments in one or the other.

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Correct ntitle for Owen Hackett’s Jig

Hi I’m Owen Hackett, the irish Banjo player. I have composed a number of tunes as well as creating a banjo tutor,ISBN is 0-9540554-0-3 I have being playing the Irish Tenor Banjo since the early 60’s, & teaching it since the mid 1970’s. My banjo tutor website is where a few of my compositions can also be heard.
To clarify a point I’d like to mention that the Jig ‘Owen Hackett’ Jig I composed for my father in the early to mid 1970’s and it’s proper name is ‘Tom Hackett’s Dream’ . It was learned by Cathal (in the Boys Of The Lough)‘ from the Collis family in Co. Sligo, Ireland. (who I assume heard it on the radio where I played many times over the years). Incidentially I met the Boys Of The Lough for the first time last August 2003 in Wexford at a music festivel while I was there playing with the bridge Ceili Band. The Jig can also be found in ’Pipers in Harmony’ book to by Myrna & Martin Luff who wrote to me for permission to include it in their book for Northumbrian Small Pipes. the ISBN is 0952341522
Ps I’ll try and post the original version of the jig as soon as I can
Owen Hackett

Weclome Mr. Hackett, it’s an honor and pleasure to have you join us here!

I first heard your tune as ’Owen Hackett’s" from Boys of the Lough, in concert in Boston back in the late 1970s. Then, as I mentioned above, learned it from Liz Carroll after a concert in Oregon in about 1984 I think. She said she’d gotten the tune, unnamed, from Paddy Gavin, and so called it after him.

It’s a lovely jig, long one of my favorites. I’m eager to see your setting of it posted here.


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Owen Hackett’s site:

Get it from the source…

You’ll also find his printed collection of 60 original tunes and a CD of the same…

nice tune! fits very snugly on a d flute

Re: The Road To Ballinakill

This tune has sneaked into the Welsh harp repertoire, where it is regarded as ‘traditional’ and given the name Owen’s Jig.