The Sliabh Aughty March polka

By Father P.J. Kelly

Also known as Sliabh Aughty, The Slieve Aughty.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: The Sliabh Aughty March
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
GA|:B2A>B|AG EG|D2 G>F|GA BG|E2 c2|BA GB|A2 d>e|d2 DG|
B2A>B|AG EG|D2 G>F|GA BG|E2 c2|BA GF|1 G2 G>F|G2 DG:|2 G2 G>F|G2:|
GB|:d2 Bd|gd Bd|g2 g>f|gd Bd|c2 a>b|ag fe|d2 d2|d2 ef|
g2 g>f|gd Bd|c2 a>b|ag fe|d2 d>e|fd fa|1 g2 g>f|g2 Bc:|2 g2|g>f g2:|
X: 2
T: The Sliabh Aughty March
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
GA|:B2 A>B AG EG|D2 G>F GA BG|E2 c2 BA GB|A2 d>e d2 DG|
B2 A>B AG EG|D2 G>F GA BG|E2 c2 BA GF|1 G2 G>F G2 DG:|2 G2 G>F G2 GB:|
|:d2 Bd gd Bd|g2 g>f gd Bd|c2 a>b ag fe|d2 d2 d2 ef|
g2 g>f gd Bd|c2 a>b ag fe|d2 d>e fd fa|1 g2 g>f g2 Bc:|2 g2 g>f g2:|

Seven comments

The Sliabh Aughty March

Rhythm: March
Source: Gearoid O’Hallmhurain & Patrick Orceau - Tracin
Transcription: GMP
Notes: Transposed from F to G.

A great march Gian - it’s also a favourite with many céilí bands

The Sliabh Aughty March

This tune was composed by the late Fr P J Kelly, who came from Co Galway. The tune refers to a range of mountains in Galway and appears to be the original of the more common session reel "Fr Kelly’s" (
I don’t think this tune should be in 2/4 as a polka; it hasn’t got a polka feel to it and would be better written as a reel in 4/4 (or 2/2) by deleting alternate bar lines. The first bar would therefore read |:B2A>B AGEG|

"The Sliabh Aughty March" ~ 4/4

The exact transcription as you suggest, note for note & 4/4, can be found under the tunes title on "The Fiddler’s Companion" website, here:

"The tune was composed by Father P.J. Kelly, a Columban priest from Woodford, County Galway, notes Gearóid Ó hAllmhuráin. The Sliabh Aughty mountains stretch from east Clare to East Galway."

Gearóid Ó hAllmhuráin & Patrick Ourceau picked up this tune from the fiddling of Lucy Farr of East Galway & London…

"The Sliabh Aughty March" ~ crediting Michael Reid for this transcription

This 2/4 transcriptions was a bit of a surprise, as with ‘exactly’ the same quirks of transcription, and those not being typical of GM, I was a bit taken aback that GM would add this and not credit the source it was pinched from. The only change made was adding bars to make it 2/4. Spacing and lead-ins were amongst the proof of the cut-and-paste from the Michael Reid transcription, a copy of which can be found at the end of the above link to ‘The Fiddler’s Companion’ entry for this tune. That head shaking moment was why I hadn’t added the return to 4/4 originally, but now I will, this time spaced more consistently, but taken from the mentioned source ~

T: The Sliabh Aughty March
D: Gearoid O hAllmhurain and Patrick Orceau, "Tracin’"
Z: Michael Reid (original transcription)
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: March
K: G Major
GA |:
B2 A>B AG EG | D2 G>F GA BG | E2 c2 BA GB | A2 d>e d2 DG |
B2 A>B AG EG | D2 G>F GA BG | E2 c2 BA GF |[1 G2 G>F G2 DG :|[2 G2 G>F G2 :|
GB |:
d2 Bd gd Bd | g2 g>f gd Bd | c2 a>b ag fe | d2 d2 d2 ef |
g2 g>f gd Bd | c2 a>b ag fe | d2 d>e fd fa |[1 g2 g>f g2 Bc :|[2 g2 g>f g2 :|