Two recordings of a tune named
Farewell To Erin
With a tune named
The Colliers’

Farewell To Erin (reel) is also known as Farewell To Éire, Farewell To Eirinn, Farewell To Ireland, Goodbye To Ireland, Slán Le HÉireann, Slan Le HEirinn.

The Colliers’ (reel) is also known as Collier’s, The Collier’s, The Colliers, Mianadóir.

Broken Eggs by Cattle Grid

  1. Crosses Of Annagh
  2. Collier’s
  3. The Monaghan Twig
  4. Farewell To Erin

Celtic Fury by O'Malley's March

  1. Jenny Picking Cockles
  2. The Colliers
  3. Farewell To Erin
  4. Maid O