The Blue Pool mazurka

Also known as Y Pwll Glas.

The Blue Pool has been added to 24 tunebooks.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Blue Pool
R: mazurka
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:G>A|:B2 B>A G>B|d2 d>B G>B|c2 c>A F>A|d2 d>B G>A|
B2 B>A G>B|d2d>B G>B|c2 c>A F>A|1 G4 G>A:|2 G4 g>f||
|:e>c e>f g>e|d2 d>B G>B|c2 c>A F>A|d2 d>B G>g|
e>c e>f g>e|d2 d>B G>B|c2 c>A F>A|1 G4 g>f:|2 G4 G>A||
|:_B2 _B>A G>_B|d2 d>_B G>_B|c2 c>A =F>A|d2 d>_B G>A|
_B2 _B>A G>_B|d2 d>_B G>_B|c2 c>A =F>A|1 G4 G>A:|2 G4 g>f||
|:e>c e>f g>e|d2 d>B G>B|c2 c>A F>A|d2 d>B G>g|
e>c e>f g>e|d2 d>B G>B|c2 c>A F>A|1 G4 g>f:|2 G4 G>A||

Nine comments

The Blue Pool Mazurka

This is by my own fair hand.I’ve put the dotted notes in so that the midi will be in the mazurka rhythm.

The change of the mode from the second to the the third part is great! Remins of the Mazurka (Masolka) in nearby Appenzell. Maybe the tune improves with some more variations - transformations.

The Blue Pool

This is a very basic version,when I play it I put lots of variations in.

NICE ROLL ALONG - and then - SPOOKY 3rd part - OOOOOO!!!

Nice to see the creative juices finding the form. There’s some awful attempts, the usual, but this is nicely danceable. It isn’t unlike some others, where for this example there’s a 1st part, the 2nd and 4th are the same, and there’s a moody blues 3rd part. Is there any way to change keys on this site, as I’m holding back a few tunes for fear they won’t work, or not wanting to notate every bar of the change…I’ve made enough mistakes previously, no ABC software on this computer and having to transcribe many things from the alternate ABC style I’d learned back in the 60s and 70s…

Anyway Jocklet - nice effort - but where’s the story, the title, if there is one… Glad you did the dots. I went around and updated all the ABC files on what I’ve contributed. I’m going to be consistent from here on out, rather than just accepting the norm as others have done on the site, including with barndances and related forms. I love that skip beat anyway…

The Blue Pool

The Blue Pool is a beautiful spot on the river Taf just above Merthyr Tydfil.

Oh No! - You don’t mean that skinny dipping hole do you - - -

Hmmm, telling… Get your kit on, aren’t you a little too old and fond of the brew to be skinny dipping?

Nah - NEVER!


"Y Twll Glas"

Wyt ti wedi dinoethi dy hunan…

The Blue Pool

If you went swimming in the Blue Pool you’d never come out again alive.

It wouldn’t be the first time I bucked a trend… 😉