The Palm Tree reel

By Billy McComiskey

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Eleven comments

A great reel from e great album.
( I think so )


composed by Billy Mc Comiskey (if I’m not mistaken).

There’s a funny story here about this reel and the Flowers of Brooklyn:

The composer, Billy McComiskey writes the following about the history of this tune:
“Lori Anders, a New England piano accordion player, challenged me one night years ago saying, ”See, that’s why the piano accordion is better than the button box … you can’t play in Eb or Bb."
In response, Billy wrote The Flowers of Brooklyn in Eb and The Palm Tree in Bb.

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This is my favourite tune at the moment. I love it!

The tune is quite a challenge on the box. But great practice. Laurie Andres (correct spelling of her name) had a point though: there’s a difference between writing a tune in Eb or Bb and jumping right in at a session when you’re playing a box in B/C or C#/D. (not talking about D/D# of course).

The Palm Tree, X:2

X: 1
T: The Palm Tree
R: reel
G: Whistle
C: Billy McComiskey
S: Joanie Madden, during a 2015 Minnesota Irish Music Workshop at the Center for Irish Music in St. Paul, MN.
H: Originally composed by Billy McComiskey in Bb in order to win a wager with Lori Anders. See:
N: Arranged by Joanie Madden. The g# in the 4th bar of the B part is particularly pleasing.
Z: Andrea Morgan-Brist
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj