Fifty recordings of a tune named
Joe Derrane’s

Also known as Andrew Davey’s, Derraine’s, Derrane’s, Hag’s Purse, Hardiman’s, Hardiman’s Fancy, Martin Hardiman’s, McHugh’s, Mulqueen’s Favourite, Willie Kelly’s.

A tune by this name has been recorded together with The Abbey (a few times), The Black Rogue (a few times), The Coleraine (a few times), The Lark In The Morning (a few times), Leslie’s March (a few times), A Thousand Farewells, Andy Broon’s, Apples In Winter, The Ashplant, The Banshee’s Wail Over The Mangle Pit, Biddy The Bold, The Blackthorn Stick, Bobby Casey’s, Coleman’s, The Colliers’, The Cordal, The Cuil Aodha, The Dawn Chorus, Dermot Grogan’s, The Dooney Rock, Dublin Porter, Elizabeth Keane’s, The Fly In The Porter, Francis Aucoin, The Furze In Bloom, Gallagher’s Frolics, Gone For His Tea, The Hag With The Money, Happy To Meet, Sorry To Part, Health To The Ladies, The Homecoming, The Ivory Bowl, The Jig Of The Dead, John Stenson’s, John Stenson’s, Junior Crehan’s, The Lark On The Strand, Leitrim Quickstep, Liam O’Connors, The Lilting Fisherman, The Maho Snaps, The Maid Of Mount Kisco, The Maids In The Meadow, The Mist On The Mountain, My Darling Asleep, The One That Was Lost, Pedaling Patterns, Pull The Knife And Stick It Again, Redican’s, The Rose In The Heather, Saddle The Pony, Scatter The Mud, Sleepy Maggie, Smash The Windows, The Starry Lane To Monaghan, Statia Donnelly, The Stolen Purse, The Stone In The Field, Strike The Gay Harp, Tatter Jack Walsh, Tell Her I Am, The Tempest, Temple Hill, Tom Billy’s Favorite, Wallop The Spot, The Wanderer, Welcome Home Grainne, When The Cock Crows It Is Day.

  1. A Selection Of His Music by Dermot Grogan
  2. Abyss by Talisk
  3. Ainneoin Na Stoirme / In Spite Of The Storm by Téada
  4. An Traidisiun Beo by Angelina Carberry
  5. Another Time by Gavin Whelan
  6. Atlantic Breeze by Shaskeen
  7. Beal A’ Mhurlaigh by P.J. Hernon & Marcus Hernon
  8. Bean Chairdín by Dympna O’Sullivan
  9. Between The Strings by Adrian McAuliffe And Cathal Flood
  10. Beyond the Green by Ashley Ashworth
  11. Bosca Ceoil And Fiddle by Cathal Clohessy And Eamonn Costello
  12. Chicago Reel by Chicago Reel
  13. Draiocht by Michael Rooney And June McCormack
  14. Draw The Bow by Malachy Bourke
  15. Fiddle Duets by Andy McGann And Paddy Reynolds
  16. Fourmilehouse by Alan And John Kelly
  17. Full Circle by Colm Phelan
  18. Giorraíonn Beirt Bóthar by Bóthar Na Sop
  19. Golden Lights And Green Shadows by Grainne Hambly
  20. Harmonica Violon by Jean Sabot
  21. Home Away From Home by NicGaviskey
  22. In Full Flight by Gavin Whelan
  23. In The Morning Early by Tulca Mor
  24. Irish Accordion Masters by Joe Derrane And Jerry O’Brien
  25. Isn’t Anyone Going To Stop Them? by The Magic Square
  26. Late… In The Night by Christy Barry, Conor McCarthy, Cyril O’Donoghue
  27. Memories Of Leitrim by Tony O’Rourke
  28. Music From The Reeds by Noel Battle
  29. Passing Time by Mary And Jim Coogan
  30. Pigtown Fling by Randal Bays And Joel Bernstein
  31. Providence by Providence
  32. Raise The Rafters by Molly’s Revenge
  33. Reelin’in Tradition by The Mulcahy Family
  34. Rogha Scoil Samhraidh Willie Clancy 2007 by Various Artists
  35. Roguery Road by Jason O’Rouke And Ruadhrai O’Kane
  36. Shoreside by Gordon Gunn Band
  37. Suantrai by Adam Agee & John Sousa
  38. The Best Of De Danann by De Dannan
  39. The Blackbird by Fling
  40. The Boys Of The Town by Paul McGlinchey
  41. The Coming Of Spring by Kathleen Conneely
  42. The Flooded Bridge by Patricia Clark And Simon Bacon
  43. The Galway Rambler by Ena O’Brien & Pat O’Gorman
  44. The Gloup by Mark Roberts
  45. The Killavil Post by Dartry Ceili Band
  46. The Star-Spangled Molly by De Dannan
  47. The Time Is Right by Aidan
  48. Trasna na dTonnta by John Gannon, Colm Gannon, John Blake & Maureen Creighan
  49. Up and About in the Morning by Noel Battle and Roisin Broderick
  50. Valiant by The Sevens