Four recordings of
Joe Derrane’s
The Black Rogue

Joe Derrane’s (jig) is also known as Andrew Davey’s, Derraine’s, Derrane’s, Hag’s Purse, Hardiman’s, Hardiman’s Fancy, Martin Hardiman’s, McHugh’s, Mulqueen’s Favourite, Willie Kelly’s.

The Black Rogue (jig) is also known as An Rógaire Dubh, Billy O’Rourke, Billy O’Rourke’s, The Black Robe, The Black Rouge, Blarney Castle, Johnny McGill, Paddy McNicholas, Paddy McNicholas’, Paddy McNicholas’s, Paddy’s Own, Rogaire Dubh, The Sack Of Potatoes, Sail Round The Rocks, Sail Round The Rocks By Todd Denman, Sweet Tibbie Dunbar.

Fourmilehouse by Alan And John Kelly

  1. The One That Was Lost
  2. Martin Hardiman’s
  3. The Black Rogue

Live In Belfast by Cathal Hayden

  1. The One That Was Lost
  2. Hag’s Purse
  3. The Black Rogue

Music and Mischief by Kevin Crawford, Colin Farrell & Patrick Doocey

  1. Hardiman’s Fancy
  2. An Rogaire Dubh
  3. Jimmy Ward’s Favourite

Rogha Scoil Samhraidh Willie Clancy 2007 by Various Artists

  1. Tatter Jack Walsh
  2. An Rógaire Dubh
  3. Joe Derrane’s