The Ballroom Favourite barndance

Also known as The Ballroom Favorite #1, The Ballroom Favorite No.1, The Ballroom Favorite, The Ballroom Favourite #1, The Ballroom Favourite No.1, Ballroom Favourites, Duncan’s, Duncan’s Schottische, Rogha An Halla Rince.

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John McKenna on flute / Michael Gaffney on banjo

Another old 78 - Decca 1934
a pair of ‘barndances’
This was also re-released with others of McKenna’s great playing, and hopefully still available:

John McKenna - His Original Recordings - John McKenna Traditional Society Cassette 1980

Fluters of Old Erin - Vive Voce 002 Cassettes

For more on the man and his music, including recordings:

McKenna overblows those Bs in the first part into the second octave…brilliant!
Write out the second tune, it’s a great one as well.

Ballroom Favourite

Although it has been duly noted that this is a set of 2 barn dances, there’s sheet music for only the first one. I’ll be pleased to send anyone who wants it the sheet music for the second barndance of the set.

“The Ballroom Favourite” ~ #1 ~ jumping up an octave +

X: 2
T: Ballroom Favourite, The
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: barndance
K: Dmaj
|: (3EFG |\
A2 f2 A>^GA>_B | B2 g2 B2 d>B | c2 (3Bcd e>d (3dcd | (3efe d>B A>G (3EFG |
A2 f2 A>^GA>_B | B2 g2 B4 | c>^Bc>d e2 c>d |[1 e>d (3cde d2 :|
[2 (3efe d>c d3 |]
|: f |\
a2 b>a f2 d2 | c>de>f g2 e>f | g2 g>e c>AA>c | d2 (3efg (3aba f>g |
(3aba b>a f>Ad>A | c>de>f (3gag (3def | g2 (3gfe c2 (3Bcd |[1 e2 d2 d3 :|
[2 (3efe d>c d2 |]

Ballroom Favourite

Also after McKenna/Gaffney. Incidentally the John McKenna Society is about to re-release all of JM’s sides; go to for details.