Six recordings of The Ballroom Favourite

Also known as Ballroom Favorite, The Ballroom Favorite #1, The Ballroom Favorite No.1, The Ballroom Favorite, The Ballroom Favourite #1, The Ballroom Favourite No.1, Ballroom Favourites, Duncan’s, Duncan’s Schottische, Rogha An Halla Rince.

This tune has been recorded together with In And Out The Harbor, The New Broom, The New Found Out, Over The Moor, Among The Heather, Put Me In The Big Chest, Rip The Calico, The Wedding.

  1. Ceol Is Píob by Stephanie Makem and TIarnan O Duinnchinn
  2. His Original Recordings by John McKenna
  3. In Ireland by The Great Danes - Anders Trabjerg And Jonas Fromseier
  4. Master Pipers in Recital by Various Artists
  5. The Barley Grain by Larry Kinsella
  6. The Joys Of Life by Shaskeen