Thirty recordings of Finlay’s Delight

Also known as Galway Rambler.

This tune has been recorded together with The London Lasses (a few times), The Reconciliation (a few times), The Silver Spear (a few times), The Belles Of Tipperary, The Birmingham, The Blackhaired Lass, The Blue-Eyed Rascal, Castle Kelly, Come West Along The Road, The Crooked Road, Dowd’s No. 9, Drowsy Maggie, The Enchanted Lady, For The Sake Of Old Decency, The Four Courts, The Foxhunters, Fred Finn’s, The Glass Of Beer, Gorman’s, The Gravel Walks, The High, The House On The Hill, The Hunter’s Purse, James Gannon’s, Jim Donoghue’s, Joe Derrane’s, The Laurel Tree, The Maid Behind The Bar, The Maid Of Mount Kisco, Malcolm Finlay, The Man Of The House, Mickey Callaghan’s Fancy, The Morning Star, The Mountain Road, The New Mown Meadows, The Other High, Over The Moor To Maggie, Paddy Fahey’s, Saint Anne’s, The Sally Gardens, Speed The Plough, Sporting Molly, The Swallow’s Tail, The Tinker’s Apron, The Tinker’s Daughter, Tommy Mulhaire’s, Toss The Feathers, Toss The Feathers, The Trip To Herve’s, The Wren’s Nest.

  1. An Mileoidean Scaoilte by Johnny Connolly
  2. Armorica by Nicole Rabata
  3. Celtic Groove Brand by The Sevens
  4. Celtic Roots (Spirit Of Dance) by John Whelan
  5. Dark Irish. Some Tunes by Etterem
  6. Doctor A’s Secret Remedies by Four Men And A Dog
  7. Double Play by Liz Carroll And John Doyle
  8. Festival Of Traditional Irish Music, Volumes 1 & 2 by Various Artists
  9. From West To East - Live Sessions by Various Artists
  10. Go For It by Deirin De
  11. Half-Set In Harlem by De Dannan
  12. Maiden Voyage by Various Artists
  13. Memoire Celte, Vol. 2 by Broken String
  14. Music for Sets - Vol. 2 by Temple House Ceili Band
  15. Music In The Glen by Heather Breeze Ceili Band
  16. On Yer Toes! by The Jig Is Up!
  17. One For The Road by Trasnú
  18. Sounds From The Atlantic by Inisheer
  19. Sunshine And Showers by Gliondar
  20. Take The Air by Sean Ryan
  21. The Blue-eyed Rascal by Siún
  22. The Gypsy Princess by Amergin
  23. The Maid At The Well by Tony O’Rourke
  24. The Man of the House by Ray Gallen
  25. The Next One by Four Leaf Peat
  26. Three Around The Table by Poljez Trio
  27. Traditional Irish Fiddle Music by Vincent Griffin
  28. Traditional Irish Music & Song from Co. Clare by The Four Courts Céilí Band
  29. Turas by Turas
  30. Wednesday Night Live in Peppers by Mark Donnellan, John Canny, Michael Landers