Chassepain polka

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One setting

X: 1
T: Chassepain
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:d>A Ad|cB AB|E>F GB|AE FD|
d>A Ad|cB AB|E>F GA|B^c d2:|
|:BG E(d|d)B G(e|e)^c AB|^cd cA|
BG E(d|d)B G(e|e)^c AF|GA FD:|

Six comments

This is actually a two time Bourree

This is a tune that is great fun to play. Written by Gilles Chabenat. The rhythm in the second part shows that it is often the gaps between the notes, rather than the notes themselves that is important! Have fun!

My favourite tune

This one is great fun to play on the melodeon. I learnt it Sidmouth years ago, indeed I learnt the version that I currently play alongside Hazel Askew.

Cool tune

This is a fun tune! I love the syncopation in the B part.
Others should note that this tune is in fact in D mixolydian, not G major as it says in ‘details’.

Yes it’s a bourrée

Yes it’s a 2-time bourrée, and there’s a great version of it on One Roof Under by Karen Tweed and Andy Cutting, with Ian Carr on guitar. They make the second pair of notes in the fourth bar of the B music into three: a little run down of two semi-quavers and a quaver (that’s c/B/A in abc notation), which somehow makes it even better! (PS. An abc tip; if you use a hyphen instead of the brackets to link the syncopated notes across the bar lines it plays correctly as well as looking right! ie not E(d|d)B and G(e|e)^c but Ed-|dB and Ge-|e^c instead.)

Re: Chassepain

I confirm it is NOT a polka, but a two-time Bourree.