Two recordings of
The Piper’s Despair
Farewell To Ireland

The Piper’s Despair (reel) is also known as Curly Mick, Curly Mike, Éadóchas Na BPíobairí, Pipers Despair, The Pipers Despair, The Pipers’ Despair.

Farewell To Ireland (reel) is also known as Ennistymon Farewell, Farewell To Erin, Naughton’s.

Contentment Is Wealth by Matt Molloy And Sean Keane

  1. The London Lasses
  2. Farewell To Ireland
  3. The Piper’s Despair

Tasty Touches CD 1 by Martin Donohoe

  1. Farewell To Ireland
  2. Pipers Despair