Two recordings of a tune named
Jock Wilson O’ Fenton
With a tune named
The Morpeth Rant

Jock Wilson O’ Fenton (reel) is also known as Jock Wilson O’Fenton, Jock Wilson Of Fenton.

The Morpeth Rant (reel) is also known as Abram Wood’s Hornpipe, Car Juan Nan, Morpeth’s Hornpipe, Ivy Leaf Hornpipe, Jim Clark’s Hornpipe, Clark’s Hornpipe And The New Sailor’s Hornpipe, Morpeth’s Rant, Pibddawns Abram Wood, Pibddawns Morfudd, She Shoh Dooyrt My Vummig.

An Audience With The Shepherds by Willie Taylor, Will Atkinson, Joe Hutton

  1. Morpeth Rant
  2. Jock Wilson O’ Fenton
  3. Cheviot Rant

Harthope Burn by Joe Hutton, Willy Taylor and Will Atkinson

  1. Morpeth Rant
  2. Jock Wilson O’Fenton
  3. Cheviot Rant