Twenty-four recordings of Mrs MacLeod Of Raasay

Also known as The Brown Cow, Da Broon Coo, The Gray Old Lady Of Raasay, Hop High Ladies, Hop Light Ladies, Miss MacLeod Of Raasay, Miss MacLeod’s, Mrs.McCleod’s.

This tune has been recorded together with The Fairy Dance (a few times), The Flowers Of Edinburgh (a few times), The Highland (a few times), Sandy Cameron (a few times), A Yowe Came To Wir Door,Yarmin, Anthony Murray’s, Auld Lang Syne, Barlow Knife, The Bell Piano, The Birmingham, The Devil’s Dream, Dunse Dings A’, Greig’s Pipes, The High Road To Lyon, Kilrack’s, The King’s, Lucy Farr’s, Miss Charlotte Alston Stewart’s, Miss Lyall, Munlochy Bridge, Put Me In The Big Chest, Sail Away Ladies, Sheehan’s, Smith’s Burn, The Snowplough, Soldier’s Joy, The Sound Of Sleet, Speed The Plough, The Waking O’ The Fauld, The Wind That Shakes The Barley, You And I.

  1. A Few More Tunes by John Skelton
  2. A Nicht at the Jiggin by Jimmy Shand
  3. Agus Na Muideartaich by Fergie MacDonald
  4. Beyond the Stacks by Aly Bain And Ale Möller
  5. Cape Breton Piano by Doug MacPhee
  6. Cape Breton Tradition by Buddy MacMaster
  7. Darach by The Bonnie Loch Fiddlers
  8. East To Northeast by John Redmond
  9. Edinburgh Hogmany Party Mix by Keltik Elektrik
  10. Finlay MacDonald by Finlay MacDonald
  11. Follow the Flow by The SIDH
  12. From the Archives by Dave MacIsaac
  13. Golden Vanity by Modesty Forbids
  14. Hamnataing by Fiddlers’ Bid
  15. Heart Behind The Bow by Kimberley Fraser
  16. Master Musician, Disc 1 of 2 by Eddie Moloney
  17. Master Musician, Disc 2 of 2 by Eddie Moloney
  18. Parlor Music by Jerry Holland & Doug MacPhee
  19. Scraping ‘n’ Scratching by Bernie Stocks
  20. Tannahill Weavers IV by The Tannahill Weavers
  21. The Fiddlesticks Collection by Jerry Holland
  22. The Greystone Ramblers by Greystone Ramblers
  23. The Natives Are Friendly by Meantime
  24. The Sandy MacIntyre Collection: Cape Breton Fiddle (Steeped And Served) by Sandy MacIntyre