Two recordings of
Mrs MacLeod Of Raasay
Sandy Cameron

Mrs MacLeod Of Raasay (reel) is also known as The Brown Cow, Da Broon Coo, The Gray Old Lady Of Raasay, Hop High Ladies, Hop Light Ladies, Miss MacLeod Of Raasay, Miss MacLeod’s, Mrs.McCleod’s.

Sandy Cameron (strathspey) is also known as Sandy Cameron’s.

Cape Breton Tradition by Buddy MacMaster

  1. The Bell Piano
  2. Snowplough
  3. Miss Smyth Of Methven
  4. The King’s
  5. Miss Lyall
  6. Sandy Cameron
  7. Miss MacLeod’s

Parlor Music by Jerry Holland & Doug MacPhee

  1. The Waulkin’ O’ The Fauld
  2. Devil In The Kitchen
  3. The Gray Old Lady Of Raasay
  4. Miss Charlotte Alston Stewart
  5. Sandy Cameron
  6. Put Me In The Big Chest