The Mist-Covered Mountains Of Home waltz

Also known as Mist Covered Mountains Of Home, The Mist-Covered Mountains Of Mourne.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Mist-Covered Mountains Of Home
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
E2|:"Am" A6|A3 B cd|e2 A3 B|A2 G2 EF|"G" G6|
G3 A B2|B2 A3 B|"G" A2 G2 E2|"Am" c6|"G" d6|
"C" e3 f g2|"G" B2 A3 G|"Am" A3 c e2|"G" d3 c B2|"Am" A B3 "G" G2|"Am" A6:|
|:"Am" e4 Ae|e4 Ae|"G" d2 e2 g2|e3 d BA|"Em" G4 G2|
d4 B2|"Am" e4 e2|"G" d3 c B2|"Am" c6|"G" d6|
"C" e3 f g2|"G" B2 A3 G|"Am" A3 c e2|"G" d3 c B2|"Am" A B3 "G" G2|"Am" A6:|

Thirteen comments

My first ABC attempt

This is my first attempt at an ABC. A moving slow Scottish air, I think it is traditional, I actually found it first in Dan Mozell’s “The Incomplete Celtic Mandolin.” Sounds really good on the low-d whistle.

How do I make it show sheetmusic?

A bit more

One more thing. This tune relies very heavily on dynamics: I guess its played best quite emotionally. I also like to add ornamentation sparingly: a short trill when moving down to an A, or splitting the dotted halfnote rises c….d… into a half-note and a quarter note each.

I couldn’t believe this site did not have this: it is an absolutely hauntingly good air when played right.

I usually play it ABA and end it there, but yeah.

Last comment

Additionally, included in the book was an ornamented-for-mandolin version. However, I am not personally a big fan of slow airs played on the mandolin, and the octave mandolin isn’t THAT much better, so I decided to include the “generic” version.

Nice tune. The correct mode would be A dorian.
It’s played really slow, isn’t it?

Slow, yes, but I find if I play it *too* slow it drags. I’d say maybe 3/4 to 1/2 the speed of the midi…or so…I’ll update it with a tempo marker later (you can do that on this site right? Will it actually affect the midi?)

This was supposedly one of President John F. Kennedy’s favourite tunes, and it was played at his funeral.

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This is a duplicated post.

This tune was already posted on this site more than 2 years ago: Dave’s version here is quite similar to mine in the comment space.


Is it really a duplicate? I’m sorry, I didn’t really think so. I did see Mist on the Mountain when I was searching, but if you actually play this tune it feels QUITE different, though I can see the similarities. Perhaps they’re tunes that were once the same, and evolved differently over time, I cannot say, but I would say that in my judgement these are different tunes.

Foot in mouth

D’oh! Please excuse me, I can be rather amateurish when it comes to correct interperetations of jig-like sheetmusic in 3/4 time or whatnot. You’re right, they are very similar when I actually play yours right 😛 but close enough to be a dupe? I am new to this site

This was a favorite tune of the Queen Mum’s and it was played on the pipes at her funeral.

Re: The Mist-Covered Mountains Of Home

This is very similar to the version arranged by Mark Knopfler on the soundtrack of Local Hero. Its played as a slow air, not a jig or a waltz.