I Feel A Smile Coming On jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: I Feel A Smile Coming On
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Fmaj
|:zG,A, B,CE|G3 FGE|AG F2 EF|GE (C4|C) FE EDC|B,B3 AG|
cAG FGE|FED (B3|B)AGGAB|Bc3de|decdef|f4 ed|
d2 c2 ed|d2 d2 ed|c4 eA|F6:|F2 D2 B,2|
|:d2 d2 ef|ecA dBG|c2 c2 de|fge fec|
d2 d2 ef|ecA dBG|c2 c2 de|1 fag fec:|
[2 agf gfe|fed edc|d2 d4|c2 B AFD|G2 E C (F2|F6)|E6|

Five comments

Abc format changes?

This tune changes from Eflat major for the intro (which wasn’t on the key choice list when choosing) to F major. The key change gives a wonderful lift when moving into part A the first time.

I tried transposing to G/A but the lower tones of the key signature here gives a lovely warm feeling.

This tune comes from the CD "Half As Happy As We" by the Two Duos Quartet, Ian Carr, Andy Cutting, Karen Tweed and Chris Wood

I think it was composed by Andy Cutting but I might be Karen Tweed

On the CD it’s played as

(Ebmaj) Intro (Fmaj) AA BB outro AA BB outro
(Fmaj) Intro AA BB outro AA BB outro

with lots of improvisation so what I have here is only an approximation.

Lovely tune though.

I’m not sure how the abc formatting will survive here because I think the software might strip out some of the additional fields, like the key change.

If you might be Karen Tweed…

… I might be pleased to meet you!

Hrmmmm, maybe I’ll get the CD, because as interesting as it looks, it doesn’t seem to be quite a tune I’d expect O_o;

I might be Karen Tweed

oooops - didn’t see the typo - I can always dream though lol

Really composed by …

Turns out a kind person pointed me to an Australian web site that had the credit for composition of this piece as Chris Wood.