Peaceful River reel

Also known as Canto Elfico.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Peaceful River
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
B2e2d2 BG|AB/c/ BG E2EF|G2c2B2 AG|Ac B^de2e=d|
B2e2d2 BG|AB/c/ BA G2G2|A2c2B2 AG|AB GFE2E2|
g2 ed Be e2|fd df g2dB|e2cA BA GA|Bc BA B2B2|
g2 fe Be e2|fd df g2dB|e2cA BA GA|B2B2E4|

Six comments

Peaceful River (slow air)

This tune is not a reel, play it slow!
Written be me.

But there is some potential for a reel in this melody

B2eBdB BG|AB/c/ BG EDEF|G2c~B3 AG|Ac B^de2e=d|
and so on

The Free Running River Reel?

Re: Peaceful River

Thank you for this pretty tune, Gian.

You might like to know how your tune was used. In December 2015 (26th to be exact) the River Foss opposite our house in York created unprecedented flooding, Many of the people on our street were rescued by boat, including us. There have been extensive engineering works carried out to prevent another flood, and we felt that we should do our bit, so the whole family went down to the riverside in December 2016 and held a small ceremony for the Propitiation of Fossarina, the local river goddess. Naturally the ceremony included an ode of praise by a local poet (thank you, Jess) and a libation (thank you, Talisker, makers of fine Scotch whisky) and, this is the important bit, some river-calming tunes, among them, of course, ‘Peaceful River’.

So far the river has remained peaceful this year, so it was evidently a suitable tune.

I would be interested to know the circumstances in which you wrote it.