The Misconception jig

By Jack Gilder

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Misconception
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Bdor
~B3 BAF|~d3 ede|faf fed|ede efd|
~B3 BAF|~d3 ede|fed edf|~B3 BAF|
BdB BAF|~d3 ede|faf fed|~e3 ~a3|
B=cB BAF|~d3 ede|fed edf|~B3 B2d||
cAA BGG|B/c/d e ~g3|aba age|ede ged|
cAA BGG|B/c/d e ~g3|age dBe|1 ~A3 A2d:|2 ~A3 A c/d/e||
~a3 age|ede ~g3|aba ged|=cBc ded|
cAA BGG|B/c/d e ~g3|age dBe|1 ~A3 A c/d/e:|2 ~A3 AGA||

Nine comments

The Misconception

Here’s a tune I penned way back in 1988 when I was living in a small cottage built at the turn of the century directly over a babbling brook. The cottage was located in the beautiful coastal redwoods of Northern California. At the time I was living with a gorgeous black haired woman who was successfully practicing witchcraft. I wrote this tune as I was pondering whether or not to stay in that situation. The name speaks for itself.

I guess I should have added that I got out of that situation. This has nothing to do with the tune of course.

I’ve just got round to trying out this tune. It’s very clever and I like it. This black-haired woman who did witchcraft, did you ever wonder what the bundles were in her freezer?

I never saw any “bundles” in her freezer. But I did try to have a look at her book on witchcraft once -- and got a shock from the spine before I could pull it out. I looked all around the bookshelf and there were no outlets or wires or cords etc., and I pushed the book back in with a stick. When she got home from work that night she said, “What were you doing looking at my book?!”

Jack, you should thank your lucky stars you’re still in one piece. You could have ended up in her freezer.

Freezer ?

Freezer!!! - her name wasn’t Tanya, was it? A fiddle player with an aversion to Scottish music - 🙂

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I think she might have “left” before Jack started on the yellaboard.

The Misconception

I should add that I have played this tune starting with the second part as the A part for many years now.