Two recordings of
The Lilting Fisherman
Colonel Fraser

The Lilting Fisherman (reel) is also known as Arda Berkshire, The Berkshire Heights, Cunningham’s Fancy, Fisherman’s Lilt, The Fisherman’s Lilt, Halligan’s Fancy, The Kerry Man, Kerryman’s Daughter, The Lilting Fisherman, The Missing, Molly, What Ails You?, Pretty Girls Of The Village, You’re Right My Love.

Colonel Fraser (reel) is also known as An Ardtaoiseach Fraser, An Coirneal Frazer, Colonel Fraser’s, Colonel Frasier, Colonel Frazer, Colonel Frazer’s, Colonel Frazers, Colonel Frazier, Colonel Frazier’s.

From Ballymote To Brooklyn by Paddy Killoran and James Morrison

  1. The Fisherman’s Lilt
  2. Colonel Frazer
  3. New Tobacco

The Wheels Of The World, Early Irish American Music, Vol 2 by Various Artists

  1. The Fisherman’s Lilt
  2. Colonel Fraser
  3. New Tobacco