Two recordings of
The Top Of The Maol
The Knocknaboul

The Top Of The Maol (polka) is also known as Garráin Ghníomh Go Leith, Groves Of Gneeveguilla, The Groves Of Gneeveguilla, Maol Mountain, Murphy’s Delight, Queen’s, The Queen’s, Top Of Maol, The Top Of Maol.

The Knocknaboul (polka) is also known as Ask Our Dan, The Back Of The Haggard, The Ballydesmond, Cnoc Na Buaile, Denis Murphy’s, Knochnaboul, The Knockaboul, Knockabout, Knockabower, The Knockabower, The Knocknaboul No 2, Knocknaboul No. 2, The Knocknaboul No. 2, Knocknaboul Polkas, Knocknaboul Polkas No. 2, The Knocknaboul Polkas No. 2, The Knocknaboul Polkas, The Knocknaboul, Knocknabower, The Knocknabower #2, Knocknabower Polkas, Knocknabower Polkas No. 2, The Knocknabower, Knocknabowl, Liam Brown’s, Polca Chnoc Na BPoll #2, The Sneem.

Rince Go Maidin by The Allow Ceili Band

  1. Top Of The Maol
  2. Knocknabower #2

The Ballydesmond Polka by Dan Herlihy And John Drew

  1. The Groves Of Gneeveguilla
  2. The Knocknaboul No. 1
  3. The Knocknaboul No. 2
  4. As I Went Out Upon The Ice