Three recordings of a tune named
The Top Of The Maol
With a tune named
The Scartaglen

The Top Of The Maol (polka) is also known as Groves Of Gneeveguilla, The Groves Of Gneeveguilla, Maol Mountain, Murphy’s Delight, Queen’s, The Queen’s, Top Of Maol, The Top Of Maol.

The Scartaglen (reel) is also known as Cronin’s, The Humors Of Newcastle, The Humours Of Scartaglen, The New Post Office, New Posthouse, New Road, The New Road, Noelle O’Connor’s, The Scarta Glen Road, Scartaglen Road, Tom Billy’s.

Foinn Seisiun 3 by Ceoltóirí Cultúrlainne

  1. Top Of The Maol
  2. The Scartaglen
  3. The Leitrim

Sully's Fancy by Tony Sullivan

  1. The Ballydesmond
  2. The Top Of Maol
  3. The Scartaglen

The Irish Fiddle Book: The Art Of Traditional Fiddle Playing by Matt Cranitch

  1. The Top Of Maol
  2. The Scartaglen