Bimíd Ag Ól jig

Also known as Beidh Maoid Ag Ol, Bímid Ag ól Is Ag Pógadh Na mBan, Bímís Ag Ól, Bímís Ag Ól ’s Ag Pógadh Na mBan, Let Us Be Drinking, Let Us Be Drinking And Kissing Women, Let Us Drink And Be Watching Women, Let Us Drink!, Let’s Be Drinking And Kissing Women, We Were Drinking And Kissing The Ladies, When We Were Drinking.

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Seven settings

X: 1
T: Bimíd Ag Ól
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:F|DGA ~B3|cBc ~d3|DGA B2 d|cAG AGF|
DGA ~B3|cBc def|~g3 afd|cAF G2:|
|:D|GBd ~g3|gfd ~f3|GBd ~g3|gfd cAF|
GBd ~g3|gag efg|abg afd|cAF G2:|
X: 2
T: Bimíd Ag Ól
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:DGA ~B3|cBc ~d3|DGA B2 d|cAG AGF|
DGA ~B3|cBc def|~g3 afd|1 cAF G2 E:|2 cAF G2 D||
|:GBd ~g3|gfd ~f3|def ~g3|gfd cAF|
GBd ~g3|(3fga g fga|abg afd|cAFG2 D:|
(3EFG A A2 c|BAG cAG|(3EFG A ded|cAF G2 D|
(3EFG A cAG|Ade ~f3|gag fed|1 cAF G2 D:|2 cAF G3||
X: 3
T: Bimíd Ag Ól
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Emin
B,EF GFG|AGA B3|efe dBA|GED E3:|
E2e efe|dBc d3|B2e efe|dBA GBF|
E2e efe|dBc d3|efe dBA|GED E3:|
X: 4
T: Bimíd Ag Ól
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:DGG AB2|cBc d2A|DGG B2d|cAG AGF|
DGG AB2|cBc def|gbg afd|1 cAF G2A:|2 cAF G2 D||
|:GBd g3|gfd f3|GBd g3|gfd cAF|
GBd g3|gag f2g|abg afd|cAF G2D:|
|:E/F/GA A2c|BAG cAG|E/F/GA ded|cAF G2 D|
E/F/GA cAG|Ade f3|gag fed|1 cAF G2 D:|2 cAF G3||
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X: 5
T: Bimíd Ag Ól
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
DGG ABB|cBc def|gbg afd|1 cAF G3:|2 cAF G2||
|:D|GBd ~g3|gfd ~f3|def .g2g|gfd cAF|
F.B/.c/d ~g3|gfd .f2g| .afd|1 cAF G2:|2 cAF G3||
X: 6
T: Bimíd Ag Ól
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:DGA ~B3|cBc d3|DGA B2 d|cAG AGF|
DGA ~B3|cBc def|gbg afd|1 cAG G2E:|2 cAG G2 D||
|:GBd ~g3|gfd =f3|GBd ~g3|gfd cAF|
GBd ~g3|gae =f2g|abg afd|1 cAG G2D:|2 cAG G2 G||
|:FGA A2 c|BAG cAG|FGA Ace|dAF G3|
FGA cAG|Ade f2g|abg afd|cAF G3:|
X: 7
T: Bimíd Ag Ól
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
A,DE EFF|GFG ABc|ded dcA|1 GEA D2 A,:|2 GEA D2 D||
|:DFA ded|dcA Bcc|DFA ded|dcA GEA|
DFA ded|ded Bcd|e2 e ecA|1 GEA D2 D:|2 GEA D3||

Twenty comments

Source: Eamon Cotter - Trad. Irish Mosic From Co Clare
Transcription: gmp
Note: also played with a third part as follows

T:Bimíd ag Ól
D:The Chieftans: 7
Z:Devin McCabe
|:DGA ~B3|cBc ~d3|DGA B2 d|cAG AGF|
!DGA ~B3|cBc def|~g3 afd|1cAF G2 E:|2cAF G2 D|
!|:GBd ~g3|gfd ~f3|def ~g3|gfd cAF|
!GBd ~g3|(3fga g fga|abg afd|cAFG2 D:|
!(3EFG A A2 c|BAG cAG|(3EFG A ded|cAF G2 D|
!(3EFG A cAG|Ade ~f3|gag fed|1cAF G2 D:|2cAF G3||


This ji would appear to be related to the reel “Gilbert Clancy’s”, and I seem to remember there being a recording by Tommy Keane playing the jig and reel over the top of one another. Clever stuff.

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Also part of Friel’s kitchen

Bimid ag Ol is the first tune in the set, Friel’s kitchen from The Chieftains 7 album- I got this from Alan Ng’s incredible web site. For those who were there, Mick O’Brien used it for his instruction for the intermediate students at the Southern California Pipers Tionol this October.

Dots are written out in the Dance Music of Willie Clancy as well

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This pipe jig appears as nameless on Claire Keville, John Weir and Eithne Ní Dhonaile’s trio album “An Trí is a Rian,” where E. Dhonaile plays it on the harp.

I don’t think it’s necessarily a ‘pipe jig’ because a piper (Willie Clancy) played it.

It’s originally a drinking song lifted,as far as I know, by Sean O Riada from the Petrie Collection. John Kelly, who played in the Ceoltoiri Chualainn, recorded it on his Topic lp.

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Well, I’m not so stupid as to call this tune a “pipe jig” only because it’s associated with a famous piper. I just thought the tune seems to suit the instrument very well, in terms of the structure. I’ve been regularly playing with pipers, so I know what kind of tunes they like and what kind of melodies sound nice on the instrument.

Well, pipers play it because they heard WIllie Clancy, John Kelly shows it probably sits as well and possibly better on the fiddle. There’s really nothing there that is typical for the pipes or what makes the tune sits particularly well on the chanter so why call it a ‘pipe jig’

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I still think this tune would sound gorgeous on the pipes, but it’s true that it would do just as nice on any other instrument. Eithne Ni Dhonaile actually cites James Kelly as the source. You can watch Michelle Mulcahy play a beautiful version of the tune:

Yes it does work well on the pipes but not typically better to warrant ‘piping jig’. Many tunes go well on the pipes.

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In the piping context it’s interesting you indicate back d rolls 😉

Just nitpicking a bit

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Trathnóinín fómhar ar leataoibh an ród
Sea dhearcas an óg-bhean mhomharach deas
Is blasta ‘s is comhar do labhair a bheol
Ó téanaim ag ól agus díoladsa as

Agus bímis ag ól ag ól is ag ól
bímis ag ól is ag pógadh na mban
bímis ag ól is ag rince le ceol
is nach aoibhin an gnó bheith á bpógadh gan tart

Bhí tabhairne san áit is níor bhaoil dúin dul sall
I gcomhluadair glánta diúgadh gan stad
Punch dúinn ar bórd is ea dordaigh mo stór
Is bhímís go glórmhar go ghloaigh an coilleach

Bhí an spéirbhean le’m ais aidhg glisneathach geal
A bheolla caor dearg braon branda ‘na glaic
Do bhlaiseas a beol is ba fonamhar a póg
Tóg bog é a Dhónal nó díolfaidh tú as

Bhuaill fear liom inné is é ag ól cupán té
Ó bhí sé lag tréith is é breoite go maith
Dá n-ólfadh sé taosc de phoitín Cúl Aodha
Ba ghairid é ag léimt is é ag tóiríocht na mban

Is sin sínte go soghach tairéis iomad den ól
Ach ar buile a dó ar an ndoras do bhuail cnag
An sairsint ar thóir barantas ‘na ghlaic
Ach déalaigh gach geoghach thar clathac amach

Johnny McCarthy plays an Eminor version of this

Something like:

M: 6/8
K: Em
B,EF G3 | AGA B3 | B,EF GAB | AFD EDA, |
B,EF GFG | AGA B3 | efe dBA | GED E3 :||
E2e efe | dBc d3 | B2e efe | dBA GBF|
E2e efe | dBc d3 | efe dBA | GED E3:||

I haven’t got it off fully yet so apologies for any oddities. He calls it “The Rolling Wave” which he knows is not it’s ‘real’ title. Anyone got a name for this version?


Another setting

of the 3-part version, which I’ve got from a Chieftains album (
X: 1
T: Bimís ag Ól
S: The Chieftains
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:DGA ~B3|cBc d3|DGA B2 d|cAG AGF|
!DGA ~B3|cBc def|gbg afd|1cAG G2 E:|2cAG G2 D:|
!|:GBd ~g3|gfd =f3|GBd ~g3|gfd cAF|
!GBd ~g3|gae =f2g|abg afd|1cAG G2 D:|2cAG G2 G|
!FGA A2 c|BAG cAG|FGA Ace|dAF G3|
!FGA cAG|Ade f2g|abg afd|cAF G3:||

Bimíd Ag Ól, X:7

This tune has such relaxed energy! I learned this tune from fiddler Paul Hammer and from the playing of Oisín Mac Diarmada, Brian Fitzgerald, Micheál Ó Ruanaigh on their superb album Traditional Music on Fiddle, Banjo and Harp.

Re: Bimíd Ag Ól

Just been listening to Willie Clancy playing this. I thought I’d been very observant in noticing a kinship with the reel Sean Reid’s (aka Gilbert Clancy’s), but then spotted that Kenny beat me to it eighteen years ago. Darn!

Re: Bimíd Ag Ól

Funny you should comment about this tune here today. I was thinking about this same jig 2 days ago, remembering that the Chieftains had recorded it with a 3rd part, which I see gian marco has posted above. The similarity between the jig and reel wasn’t an original observation by me, as I said previously. Still can’t remember the name of the record, which was in Irish Gaelic, and I think on the Gael Linn label. I’ve had a look at the linked “recordings”, and don’t think it’s been posted yet.

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