Two recordings of a tune named
Bimíd Ag Ól
With a tune named
Patsy Geary’s

Bimíd Ag Ól (jig) is also known as Beidh Maoid Ag Ol, Bímid Ag ól Is Ag Pógadh Na MBan, Bímís Ag Ól, Bímís Ag Ól ‘s Ag Pógadh Na MBan, Let Us Be Drinking, Let Us Be Drinking And Kissing Women, Let Us Drink And Be Watching Women, Let Us Drink!, Let’s Be Drinking And Kissing Women, We Were Drinking And Kissing The Ladies, When We Were Drinking.

Patsy Geary’s (slide) is also known as Celtic Rose Of Texas, The First Cousin Of The Gallant Tipperary Boys, John Kelly’s, Micin Callaghan’s, Mickey Callaghan’s, Mickey O’ Callaghan’s, Mickey O’Callaghan’s, Mickey O’Callaghen’s, Micky Callaghan’s, Patsy Geary’s, The Rose Of Tralee, The Tidy Girleen, The Yellow Rose Of Texas.

Seoda Ceoil by Various Artists

  1. Bimid Ag Ól
  2. Patsy Geary’s

Seoda Ceoil 1 & 2 by Various Artists

  1. Bímis Ag Ól
  2. Patsy Geary’s