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One setting

X: 1
T: Tammie Anderson
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
u(FE)|D2FA (BA) FD|G2GBd2cB|A2a2gf ed|ef ec AG FE|D2FA (BA) FD|G2GBd2 cB
A(a^ga) =ge cA|d6:|(fg)|a2 (^ga) f d2z|uggzud B2 (dB)|A2 a2 gf ed|ef ec
A2 (fg)|a2 (^ga) f d2z|uggzud B2 (dB)|A(a ^ga) =ge BA|d3 (fg)|a2 (^ga) f
d2z|uggzud B2 (dB)|A2 a2 gf ed|ef ec AGFE|D2 FA (BA) FD|G2 GB d2 cB|A(a
^ga) =ge cA|d6||

Seven comments

Tammie Anderson

I noticed Da Doon-Hanging Tie was posted and it was mentioned that Tammie Anderson was sometimes played with it. These two tunes were taught to me by Catriona MacDonald some years ago and they have stayed with me as a good Shetland set that tie well together. The bowing is what Catriona suggested and I have used this ever since.

Lovely tune, Cathy. I like the swing of the first part. But the rhythm in the B part seems a bit off - too few beats in bars 9 - 10 and places like them. Or have I missed a dot or 2 with my deteriorating middle-aged eyes?



I guess I’m so new to ABC - got part way through this and realised I didnt know how to make the rests. There needs to be a quaver rest at the ed ofbar 2 in the B part and another quaver restin the third bar just before the D. When I find out how to make rests I’ll have another bash. I also made a mistake and corrected it in the edit facility but it has not showed up yet in the sheetmusic - glad you like it. Try it as a follow on from D Doon-Hanging Tie.

Rests found!

Sorry - I now have fixed it. I found out how to make rests (use z)! and it now works. I hope it gets translated into the proper sheetmusic soon and that it hasnt upset folk too much. Trying to run before I can walk.
Also I usually catch the b underneath while playing the two Gs in bars 3 & 7 in the B music. Now it should sound fine - hope so!

editing ABC after submitting


Having tried to improve and get accurate my ABC rendering of Tammie Anderson the other day, using the edit button on the site, I have checked a few times to see if the sheet music has reflected my changes - but it looks the same as when I first submitted. How long does it take to change after making an ABC alteration? In this case, it was learning to use ‘z’ for rests that made all the difference.

Re: editing ABC after submitting

It doesn’t change ever. Jeremy advises that you thoroughly check your ABC before submitting. If I make a mistake, I just add extra comments to that effect after altering the ABC. The sheet music+midi is just a guide, in any case. The ABC is the important part.

Re: editing ABC after submitting

OK - thanks. I’ll be more careful next time! Just should ask those folk who took a liking to Tammie Anderson to check the ABC which is more accurate than the sheet - ta